Scott Pilgrim Sells 45,000 Physical Copies In Just Three Days

Scott Pilgrim is turning out to be a big hit for Limited Run Games. The boutique physical game publisher announced selling 25,000 pre-orders over the course of three hours when the game went on sale last Friday, and now that Scott has had a whole weekend, that number has almost doubled.

Limited Run Games owner Dougie Bogart revealed late last night that Scott Pilgrim’s physical release has achieved 45,000 pre-orders over the course of the weekend. On top of that, 10,000 individual donations were recorded for Games, which is an option to add on to every Scott Pilgrim purchase.

Pre-orders for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game Complete Edition began on January 15 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. A Standard Edition costs $34.99 and comes with a standard jewel case with a reversible cover that has an homage to Sonic the Hedgehog on it. There’s also a commemorative ticket to The Clash at Demonhead concert, which features heavily in the game, movie, and comic book.

Moving up to the Classic Edition gives gamers a Sega Genesis-style clamshell box, a sticker sheet, an overworld map, and soundtrack for $54.99. The ultimate KO Edition provides all that plus an insane hard-shell case that has a pop-up scene of Sex Bob-Omb playing Anamanaguchi’s soundtrack whenever you open the box. Plus a set of drumsticks, guitar picks, a CD and cassette of the soundtrack, and a card set.

If you’re not into the physical stuff, you can buy the game digitally on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Stadia, Amazon Luna, and PC via the Ubisoft Store. I played it, and it’s still the same Scott Pilgrim that you remember from way back in 2010, only updated to work on modern hardware and with two new game modes. It’s good and sweet and pure, and it makes me want to watch the movie and read the book all over again.

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