Sea Of Thieves: How To Complete The Stars Of A Thief Tall Tale

However pretty the waves are in Sea of Thieves, it’s the skies you’ll be looking at in this Tall Tale. Following on from The Legendary Storyteller this is the fourth adventure in the Shores of Gold Arc. Although you’ll be using the stars to guide you on this Tall Tale, you won’t need to do this during the daytime.

And as you progress further into the Shores of Gold Arc, you’ll be traveling more and more between objectives and as such you’ll really want an extra pair of hands or two to sail with. There are plenty of dangers, as well as other players you might run into on this voyage, and you really won’t want to lose your ship halfway through.

How To Begin The Stars Of A Thief Tall Tale

When the Tall Tales were first realised, there was no indication where you could start them, but this starry-eyed adventure had a pretty obvious location on the Sea of Thieves. To begin the Stars of a Thief, head on over to the North Star Seapost at H-10, on the very edge of the Shores of Plenty.

Once there you’ll find Sudds minding the shop, and the Tall Tale book right next to him. Make sure that over half your crew has voted to start the Tall Tale and Sudds will start telling you his story. He wants you to find and uncover an Enchanted Spyglass so that it might see the stars again. And with it, you might be able to find another piece of the Shroudbreaker and be one step closer to voyaging to the Shores of Gold.

How To Find The Enchanted Spyglass Tn The Stars Of A Thief Tall Tale

There are two possible locations for the Enchanted Spyglass, neither very far from your starting position on the North Star Seapost. Check out the first couple of pages in the journal that Sudd’s gave you, which can be accessed from the quest item inventory wheel.

If the first line reads “Face the North Star” you’ll be heading north to Rum Runner Isle. From there you can find an ancient chest buried under a lantern hanging from a tree. Rum Runner Isle is a very small island so you shouldn’t have any issue finding the light source. Dig up the ancient chest to find the Enchant Spyglass inside.

If the first line reads “My back to the North Star” you’ll instead need to head south to Twin Groves. Dig between the two large rocks on the northern side of the island and you’ll find the ancient chest with the Enchanted Spyglass inside.

Once you’ve got the Enchanted Spyglass, which you can equip from the quest item inventory, you’ll be able to see the constellations in the stars. Look to the clusters of bright stars in the night sky (or their location in the daytime if you know where it is) and you’ll see the lines drawn between them. This will be how you solve the next puzzles in Sudd’s journal.

Each constellation marks a compass point, and we’ve written them all down for anyone else that wants to try and navigate by the stars.

North: Kraken

North by North East: Queen

North East: Boar

East by North East: Fish

East: Warrior

East by South East: Crab

South East: Scarab

South by South East: Feather

South: Shark

South by South West: Bear

South West: Arrow

West by South West: Flame

West: Boat

West by North West: Snake

North West: Eagle

North by North West: Turtle

All they won’t be positioned on at the same height across the sky you can find each one of the each constellations above the compass point and use that to guide you. Even without the Enchanted Compass you can learn the constellations shapes and use them to guide you, if you’re tired of the compass.

How To Find The Star Jewels In The Stars Of A Thief Tall Tale

The later sections of the journal will contain two named entries randomly selected from a group of nine, followed by The Elusive Story. If you want to complete these stories yourself you’ll have to learn to read the stars and decipher his strange riddles in the journal. Players can use the star guide above to try and solve it themselves, but all the possible solutions to each entry are below for anyone struggling.

The solution to A Hunt can be found at Reaper’s Hideout. Dive down into the deep trench off the south coast of the formerly uncharted island until you come across a Kraken skeleton will the Star Jewel in its bones.

For Battle in the Heavens, head over on Mutineer Rock, you can find this Star Jewel between the rock cluster on the west side of the island.

If you’re struggling with the Great Eagle Landing Story you’ll want to head to Lone Cove and then arrange yourself so that you can use the Enchanted Spyglass to see the Eagle Constellation perched on the giant rock in the centre of the island. To do this you’ll need to be on the south east side of the island. Once its lined up perfectly, dig the spot you are standing on to find one of the Star Jewels.

The Star Jewel can be found underneath the Shark Statue at the centre of Shark Bait Cove for Lost An Eye. Search the north side of the statue from a tunnel where the Star Jewel is hiding.

Over on the Isle of Last Words, the Star Jewel in Sea Queen’s Promise can be seen under the waves off the west coast of the island.

The Star Jewel in Snake’s Deception can be found on Rapier Cay.

To complete The Man Who Lost His Gem, you must go to Mermaids Hideaway. From there, dive into the tunnels below the pond in the centre of the island until you the large central underwater cave. The Star Jewel will be onto the pillar in the middle of room.

Head over to Thieves’ Haven and dig between the shipwreck and the campfire in the middle of the island to find this Star Jewel in The Patient One.

They Were Voyagers leads you to just off the western tip of Discovery Ridge’s tail, where you can find this Star Jewel.

How To Complete The Elusive Story in The Stars Of A Thief Tall Tale

The uncharted isle mentioned in the Elusive Story can be found at N-13 (the same island you voyaged to at the beginning of the Shroudbreaker Tall Tale). Swim off the western coast of the isle and you’ll find an ancient underwater tunnel to swim through. At the other end will be a statue where you can fix the eyes with the Star Jewels.

Once the Star Jewels are in place you can find a totem that can open an ancient vault as well as some more pages you’ll need to collect. The totem animal tells you which vault you’ll need to find, and for more information on opening these vaults, please check out our Shroudbreaker guide.

The Boar Totem opens with the Devil’s Ridge Vault.

The Crab Totem opens the Vault on this island (the uncharted island at N-13).

The Moon Totem opens the Vault on Crescent Isle.

The Scarab Totem opens the at Crook’s Hollow.

The Shark Totem opens the Kraken’s Fall Vault.

And the Snake Totem opens the Mermaids Hideaway Vault.

Make your way to the correct vault and place the totem down on the square indent nearby to open it up and gain access to the vault itself.

How To Solve The Ancient Vault Riddle In The Stars Of A Thief Tall Tale

Once inside you’ll have to solve the Vault Riddle, with the extra pages you discovered with the totem. These pages will be added to the back of the journal in your quest item inventory and like the other puzzles in this tall tale they are all about reading the stars and using the clues from the earlier stories in the journal.

These last pages will have two four-sentence paragraphs telling a short story. To solve the puzzle you must find which constellation is referenced on each line and then find their picture on the right rotating pillars once the puzzle has started. To start the puzzle you must light the four braizers around the central altar in the vault, but it’s a good idea to know what the solutions are beforehand as the vault will seal and begin filling with water when you light the final one.

The top line solution of each of the paragraphs must be entered on the leftmost pillar, with the next line moving along one pillar to the right. The lines themselves might not directly name the constellation, but you work out which one they mean by using the legends and stories in the book to guide you. If you’re struggling we have included some of the solutions below to help.

The Old Mother or Big Foe refers to the Kraken Constellation.

The Queen Constellation is often simply called the Queen but is sometimes referenced as the Everlasting Promise.

The Grump refers to the Boar Constellation.

The Last of its Kind refers to Fish Constellation.

The Warmonger, Two-Legged Pupil, and Eternal Warrior refer to the Warrior Constellation.

The Queen’s Lover or the Courter refer to the Crab Constellation.

The Iron One or the Teacher refer to the Scarab Constellation.

Part of the Proud One refers to the Feather Constellation (and seems to only appear alongside a reference to the Eagle as well).

The One Eyed or Old Mother’s Spy refers to the Shark Constellation.

The Old Judge or the Respected By All refers to the Bear Constellation.

The Weapon refers to the Arrow Constellation.

The Tear of the Sun or Warmer Seas refers to the Flame Constellation.

Anything boat like, such as Rowed, Sail, Tar and Tree refers to the Boat Constellation.

The Singer refers to the Snake Constellation.

The Proud One or A Watcher From High refer Eagle Constellation.

The Patient One, Oldest One, or references to something raising land are references to the Turtle Constellation.

Once you’ve got an idea of the solutions, light the fires and enter them into the pillar in the correct order. Once you have done them twice the stone doors will open and reveal a piece of the Shroudbreaker. Return it to Sudd’s at the North Star Seapost to complete the Stars of a Thief Tall Tale.

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