Season: A Letter To The Future – How To Speak With Easel

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While the land in Season: A Letter to the Future is quite vast, there are only a few NPCs that you will come across. Within your town, you will only speak to your mother and once departing, you will meet just four residents of Tieng Valley, as well as a gate guard from the Grey Hand.

Once you make it into the valley, you will be able to visit three of the four residents; Sophon and her son Kochi, as well as Matyora. Easel will be unavailable but with our help, you will be speaking with him in no time.

Where Is Easel?

Easel is located within the shrine, which you can see circled on the map above. This area is accessible from the start of the game, but you will only be able to fully access the interior of the shrine once the sun starts to set. At this time, giant doors in the center will open, and you can head through to find Easel.

Waiting Until Sunset

The entirety of your journey within Tieng Valley takes place in a single day. You will enter at the start of the day, and as you progress and go throughout the valley, time will pass.

For sunset to occur, you will need to complete the tasks for other NPCs and fill in your journal. For example, completing the mini-quest for Sophon to sort through her husband's belongings will cause time to pass.

To fully experience Season: A Letter to the Future, we recommend speaking with all NPCs and completing the journal up until you leave Tieng Valley. When you complete the journal pages and speak with everyone, the sun will begin to set and you will mention that the shrine is probably open.

Be sure to check out a complete walkthrough for every journal entry here.

From here, head to the shrine! You have the option to back out in case you forgot to do any last-minute tasks. Once you enter into the shrine, you will not be able to explore Tieng Valley anymore.

Meeting Easel

When you finally make it to Easel in the shrine, he will be laying down. To get his attention, turn on the television, which will prompt him to rise and begin speaking with you.

After spending some time with Easel, the two of you, as well as the other Tieng Valley residents, will pack up and leave.

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