Season: A Letter To The Future Releases On PC And PlayStation January 31

There's a mystery at the heart of Season: A Letter To The Future. What happened to the world? Who's out there? What magic can be found traversing vast distances on two wheels? And what will happen when the seasons change?

Estelle has one season to record as much as she can and sent a letter to the future. All proof of what was, Estelle records with a camera, a microphone, and a scrapbook. She’ll sketch out ancient artifacts, locations, and sometimes even people. But why? That’s the mystery Estelle sets out to solve when she leaves her secluded village to explore the world on her bike for the very first time.

From Scavengers Studio, Season: A Letter To The Future describes itself as an exploration narrative mystery adventure road trip game. At any point, Estelle can hop off her bike to record anything she wants, whether that’s a landscape, a bug, or a conversation. You’re essentially playing a documentary, recording life as you know it before it all changes.

Something has clearly happened to the world. While there are still towns and people, there are also run-down buildings and random sections of bridges that have long become detached from whatever span they were meant to support. Clearly, something apocalyptic has happened, and something might happen again based on Estelle’s desire to document all she can.

"It has been more than a game for us; it's a labor of love that stretched over a few years and several continents, bringing incredible talents together," said producer Margherita Seconnino. "We want to deliver an experience that speaks to you as it spoke to us, and we hope we manage to achieve that."

Season: A Letter To The Future arrives on PC, PS4, and PS5 on January 31. The PS5 version will enjoy features like 3D audio, adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and faster load times, although the Steam version’s hardware requirements aren’t particularly stringent, so you can likely expect fast load times on PC too.

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