Season Of Dawn Mod Update Breaks Destiny 2

A change to the way armor mods work created a disasterous scenario for Destiny 2 today.

The beginning of Season of Dawn brought a number of tweaks and balance changes to the game. Most notably, a number of buffs brought the under-performing solar classes up to a more competitive level for both PVE and PVP. One changed designed to give players more freedom and flexibility in their armor customization has had the unfortunate effect of giving players nearly infinite supers.

Ever since armor was revamped into Armor 2.0 at the beginning of Shadowkeep, players have been able to slot a variety of mods into their armor interchangeably. Each armor piece is assigned a specific category of mods (such as reload speed, accuracy, ect) and a pair of armor type specific slots for those mods to be socketed into. Until today, you could only socket one of each type of these armor-specific mods into the two slots. With Season of Dawn, Bungie opened up the door to mod stacking, meaning socketing these mod slots with two of the same mod for additional effect. A change that has turned out to be catastrophic for the balance of the game.

By stacking a particular mod called Dynamo into both class armor mod slots, players found that they could generate super energy at an alarming rate. Dynamo is designed to generate increased super energy when players use their class ability, whether that’s dodging for hunters, barricade for Titans, or rifts for Warlocks. For whatever reason, once two Dynamo mods were socketed together, players were able to charge their supers nearly full with one use of their class ability, provided they used it close enough to an enemy.

Why it only triggers when in close proximity to an enemy isn’t know, but the stipulation did make it clear to players that this was not an intended effect. Bungie confirmed this fact within hours by disabling Dynamo completely until the problem could be fixed.

If this situation sounds familiar, you may be reminded of a similar situation last season when a player discovered that they could instantly charge their super by combinig the exotic fusion rifle Telesto with the Ashes to Assets mod. By shooting the ground and then igniting the charges with a grenade, the Ashes to Assets mod would trigger and give players tons of super energy.

Bungie was quick to step in a disable Telesto as well, so it’s nice to know they’re aware of these issues and ready to act on them when they occur. At the same time though, we look forward to seeing what kind of broken nonsense happens at the beginning of next season.

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