Sennheiser Donating 1,500 Special Edition Headsets To Child’s Play & Other Charities

Audio gear brand Sennheiser, known primarily for their headphones and speakers, is launching a new holiday season program the company is calling its “Season of Giving.” The initiative will see Sennheiser supporting those who are underprivileged in the gaming community with a donation of 1,500 headsets to seven charities worldwide, including the U.S.-based Child’s Play organization.

The full list of charities also includes Gamer Aid in Australia, Gaming Aid in Germany, Special Effect in the United Kingdom, Your Corps in New Zealand, and both Female Legends and Pink Orange in Sweden. The 1,500 headsets donated by Sennheiser will be distributed between these seven charities. Additionally, the company will give away 150 headsets through social media promotions.

For this initiative, Sennheiser is specifically donating its GSP 305 gaming headset. This is a special-edition release of its GSP 300 headset, which is a model that has been frequently well-reviewed by those in the gaming community. The 305 model was designed in collaboration with Chinese megacorporation Tencent, and marketed as a version of their signature 300 headphone model that has been optimized for the game Paladins. It features a noise-cancelling microphone and a boosted bass frequency as well as the rest of the existing functionality of the 300 model.

Child’s Play, the U.S.-based recipient of a portion of Sennheiser’s donation, is a charity that provides gaming experiences to children in hospitals around the world. In addition to directly donating gaming gear and other kinds of toys to hospital facilities, Child’s Play educates the staff at those hospitals about the therapeutic value of play and gaming. Sennheiser’s headsets will allow some of those hospitalized children playing mulitplayer games online to make full use of voice chat features.

Sennheiser’s Season of Giving also includes an initiative to encourage others to give to the seven charities that are the recipients of the company’s gifts. In addition to featuring direct links to all seven charities on its website, Sennheiser is also encouraging those ordering products through Amazon to make use of AmazonSmile. This is a version of the Amazon site that sends money to a charity of the shopper’s choice following every order. More information about Sennheiser’s initiative can be found on their Season of Giving page.

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