Silent Hill 2 Remake Images Leak From Bloober Team Internal Pitch Demo

The first images from what is reportedly the internal test demo for Bloober Team's Silent Hill 2 remake have leaked online.

Earlier this year, several gaming insiders suggested that there were several Silent Hill projects on the way, including an episodic series, and a remake of Silent Hill 2 from Bloober Team, the developers behind The Medium. It seems that those rumours were true, as several images have leaked online that show what is reported to be an internal test demo for the remake.

Twitter user the_marmolade shared several leaked images of the supposed remake, with the first having the phrase "no one was here" plastered over it like a watermark. The rest of the images are blurry, but don't have the same watermark. The images seem to indicate that the Silent Hill 2 remake will have an over-the-shoulder third-person perspective similar to the recent Resident Evil remakes.

Although most of the images are static shots of James looking at the environment, one of them shows him brandishing a weapon and aiming a flashlight at a Nurse.

According to Dusk Golem, a reliable insider who has previously leaked the episodic Silent Hill series in development alongside God of War Ragnarok's design for Odin, verified the leak, claiming that it was actually from an internal test demo for the project and that the final game looks much better.

Dusk Golem said, "Okay, so I'll say this is these are out there. They're real, but they're not even CLOSE to the final product. These are from an internal pitch demo from Bloober before they got greenlit, so its literally a no-budget proof of concept thing rather than a final product, just keep that in mind. Out of everything that could've leaked, this isn't actually what the final game looks like."

They continued, "I mentioned before Konami was looking for pitches in Summer of 2018, this was one of the pitches that got greenlit, but just take it for what it is; a proof of concept no-budget demo to pitch a concept."

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