Ski Race Codes (February 2023) – Roblox

We added these codes on February 14, 2023, so make sure to check back soon for other new codes that have been added.

Welcome to Ski Race, a classic in the Roblox racing genre of games developed by YozGamesStudio. Gather lightning, head out onto the track and try to earn some coins from wins, and then upgrade your skis. It's that simple. Hit the slopes and see if you can become the fastest on the server.

We check for new Ski Race codes daily, and we're currently waiting on some of the new milestone codes to be added to the game – so stay tuned!

Ski Race Codes





2x Win Boost



2x Speed Boost


Roblox codes are usually case-sensitive, that just means you need to be careful when you copy and paste – make sure you copy the capital letters, numbers, and punctuation exactly. Codes can only be redeemed once.

How To Redeem Ski Race Codes

  • Click on the "Set" button on the bottom right of the menu
  • Enter the code into the bottom box
  • Redeem and enjoy

Code not working? We've double-checked these codes ourselves, so the codes should still be active. Make sure to copy and paste the code from our table. If that still doesn't work, the code might be expired, and you'll need to check back later for other new codes.

What Are Ski Race Codes?

Ski Race codes are free rewards given out by the developer to celebrate new milestones and updates. We're currently waiting on the 30k code to be released, as the game has more likes than that already. Codes, so far, can be redeemed for free boosts & rewards in the game, like extra win boosts or speed boosts to help you get down the mountain faster.

How To Get More Codes


New codes are posted on the game page, but to make sure that you don't miss anything, you should bookmark our page and keep an eye on it to see if any new codes have been provided.

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