Skyrim Finally Fixes Mannequins Coming To Life Bug, So Modders Add It Back

Longtime Skyrim fans might have noticed that in-game mannequins sometimes appear to live rich and fulfilling lives despite being stuffed with straw. Just like other NPCs, they’ll get up off their pedestals and start going about their business before returning to your home in Solitude (or other cities in Skyrim) at night for some much-needed rest.

It was all rather creepy, and it revealed a bug in Skyrim that’s existed for over 10 years. Mannequins are actually coded as characters in Skyrim but told to remain immobile to not freak out the locals. Sometimes mannequins will forget about that order, leading to Reddit posts like these.

That all came to an end in one of Skyrim’s recent updates. Although it wasn’t documented in the patch notes, Bethesda finally fixed the bug that allowed mannequins to run around. Several fans lamented the loss of Skyrim’s living mannequins, but one fan decided to actually do something about it.

TheBlackCladWanderer created the "Mannaquins Move" mod available now on Nexus Mods. "Bethesda fixed the mannequins … how dare! So I fixed their mistake," wrote TheBlackCladWanderer in the mod description. "Mannequins should no longer not move."

As the name suggests, the mod undoes Bethesda’s update so that mannequins can continue to move as they always have. When asked in the mod description why TheBlackCladWanderer responded: "why not?" They even quoted Kyle's tweet as inspiration for creating the mod.

Head on over to Nexus Mods to keep your mannequins alive. And while you’re at it, check out the Lunar Guard armor mod. It gives your character a cool set of samurai-inspired armor, including a saber-toothed helm with glowing blue eyes. Although intended as Khajiit armor in the lore, any of Skyrim's races can wear the Lunar Guard armor to cosplay as a Khajiit.

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