Skyrim: How To Find (& Beat) The Ebony Warrior

The Ebony Warrior is one of the most infamous NPCs in Skyrim. This character will challenge any player that is level 80 or higher in hopes of clashing swords with a worthy opponent. There is almost no information about this NPC, what he’s done, and why he is larger than every other human NPC in the game.

Regardless, the Ebony Warrior is one of Skyrim’s toughest enemies. Unlike most NPCs, he has good gear, a myriad of perks, and even uses Shouts. Here is a complete guide on how to best the Ebony Warrior in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Where Is The Ebony Warrior?

The Ebony Warrior will appear in any major city (Whiterun, Solitude, etc.) once your character reaches level 80, one level shy of Skyrim’s original level cap. Enter any major city and a large NPC in full Ebony gear will speak with you, demanding an ultimate final fight against you.

If you cannot find the Ebony Warrior, try looking at the following locations:

  • Whiterun: right after you enter the city. He should be near the Warmaiden’s store.
  • Falkreath: just outside the city gates on the southern end of town.
  • Solitude: near the Hall of the Dead.
  • Markarth: he will be standing outside of The Warrens.
  • Riften: right next to Balimund’s forge at The Scorched Hammer.
  • Windhelm: he should be standing near Candlehearth Hall.

Once the Ebony Warrior has been spoken to, a miscellaneous quest named “Ebony Warrior” will appear on your screen, leading you to a location named Last Vigil. It is here where you will face the Ebony Warrior in combat.

How To Beat The Ebony Warrior

Before you face the Ebony Warrior in battle, it is important to know just how powerful he is. This NPC has a wide range of strong perks, a rather large health pool, and some rather strong enchantments on his gear.

Ebony Warrior Stats:

  • Health: 2071
  • Primary Skills: One-Handed, Archery, Block, Heavy Armor, Sneak, Conjuration, Alteration, Destruction, Restoration (all of these are rank 100)
  • Perks: Most perks tied to his primary skills alongside Extra Damage 3 (deals 3x as much damage) and Paralysis immunity
  • Gear Effects: 50% fire, cold, and lightning resistance; 40% increased health regen and 25 HP leech per sword hit
  • Miscellaneous: Uses Close Wounds, Ironflesh, Unrelenting Force, and Disarm

If it wasn’t apparent from his stats, the Ebony Warrior has a massive amount of damage resistance against elemental damage. While blocking, he takes 75% less elemental damage. This makes defeating him by using spells somewhat difficult. The Ebony Warrior will also use the Disarm Shout if you stay near him.

This boss is extremely susceptible to stealth. The Last Vigil is a rather spacious arena, allowing you to reposition and take him down with arrows from a distance. Alternatively, the Unrelenting Force Shout works well against him. A cliffside exists in the arena that you can fling the Ebony Warrior off of, dealing massive ragdoll damage to him. Make sure you damage him before he gets back up or the fall damage will be negated.

One rather humorous method of defeating the Ebony Warrior is to steal his items. Either before or during combat, sneak up to him and pickpocket all of his weapons and armor. This is only doable if you have the Misdirection and Perfect Touch perks.

For a more direct approach, upgrade your weapons and armor as much as possible through smithing and enchanting. Absorb enchantments work best here since he is highly resistant to elemental damage. Mage characters should consider using Illusion or Conjuration spells to take the Ebony Warrior down. Finally, Shouts such as Call Dragon and Slow Time are invaluable for this fight.

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