Skyrim Mod Adds Quests And Characters From The Wheel Of Time

If you have ever been playing Skyrim and thought that the game could use an extra layer of fantasy, then I have some great news for you. A new mod is bringing the high fantasy world of The Wheel of Time series to Skyrim! Featuring a fully voiced cast, the mod brings a follower straight out of Robert Jordan’s book series into Tamriel. This leads players on several quests that explore the world and history of The Wheel of Time.

For the unfamiliar, The Wheel of Time is a high fantasy book series from the late Robert Jordan. Featuring 14 books, the expansive series follows a group of friends as they journey the world and discover their role in an upcoming battle for the fate of the world. The series is often praised for how rich and alive both the world and its inhabitants feel.

As for the mod, it brings the character Aviendha into Tamriel as a follower. She will appear when you cross the Riverwood Bridge and stick with you as you start the Wheel of Time-related quests. To kick-off these quests, players must be considered Dragonborn. This means you'll have to have slayed the first dragon and become Thane of Whiterun. Once that is complete, the quests will begin naturally over time.

Speaking of quests, each of the ten added with the mod features a fully voiced cast of characters to interact with. These characters have been pulled straight from the pages of Jordan’s books. You can see the entire voice cast on the mods page over at Nexus Mods.

For those worried about spoilers if they have yet to finish the massive undertaking that is The Wheel of Time series, worry no more. While there are some events and dialogue related to the books, much of what happens has been adapted to fit into Skyrim. So, it is safe to go into this new adventure assuming what happens in the mod doesn’t necessarily occur in the books.

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