Skyrim Mod Lets You Be A True Paladin And Heal The Sick

One of the first cities you visit in Skyrim is Whiterun and right by the town centre is a temple. Inside are a few sick and wounded, clinging to their stomachs and begging for help. You could never aid them even if you were a first-class restoration mage… until now.

Restoration is a school of magic that seems a better fit for non-combat purposes. Sure, you can cast up a quick healing spell to endure tough fights, but the applications are better suited to physicians. Yet, in the temples and war camps, we rarely see it applied – in fact, the injured are left in pain for the entire game. This mod, Tend to the Sick and Wounded, does what it says on the tin.

Firstly, you can use your restorative spells to try and heal injured NPCs. But if you're not well-versed in magic, you can always slip them a potion. If it helps the Dragonborn suffer third-degree burns, axes to the shin, and falls of mountainsides, it can probably cure ataxia. But if you're not feeling charitable, you can slip them some poison.

When you've healed them, they'll start to hang about the cities and camps you found them at. They'll even start to don proper clothing or armour with some taking on certain jobs or schedules, giving more life to the world. They don't just awkwardly and aimlessly hang about the same spot you found them in.

Most will thank you but some will go as far as to give you a reward. What's more, it's not just a non-combat application for restoration magic but also a way to level up – by healing those in temples, you gain XP. Even handing out potions gives you a boost to the alchemy skill tree.

The mod was created because of a request by Reddit user Hand-of-King-Midas. It's already starting to make waves in the subreddit with many overjoyed that they can finally play a more immersive paladin that isn't just a battlemage with fancy armour.

If you don't know, paladins are holy knights, essentially merging clerics (healers) with warriors – perfect for a 'good' playthrough. So if you want to take a stab at a moral run to mark your 1,000th time in Skyrim, why not whip out this mod, destroy the Dark Brotherhood, and heal every poor sod in the continent?

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