Skyrim Player Discovers New Hidden Area In Whiterun, Instantly Uses It To Stealth Kill Nazeem

Even after all these years, Skyrim players are still discovering secrets in The Elder Scrolls V. The latest? A balcony that you can get onto in Dragonsreach Castle.

To be fair, this balcony has been known for a while now. All you need to do is go to Jarl Balgruuf’s private quarters and through a door leading outside to a small set of stairs. This will take you to Balgruuf’s balcony with a lovely view of all of Whiterun.

The secret isn’t that the balcony exists, but that you can’t use said balcony as a sniper perch to pick off whichever NPCs you’d prefer to no longer exist. There’s an invisible barrier that will stop arrows in midair and cause fireballs to explode prematurely.

Luckily, there’s a way around that invisible barrier, thanks to Reddit user walter-fring. “Jump on the partition immediately in front of you when you get to the balcony. You will then be high up enough to jump onto the invisible barrier preventing you from being able to reach Whiterun,” writes walter. “Your projectiles will no longer be blocked.”

Fellow Redditor a14alo used this knowledge to do what everyone was hoping: snipe Nazeem from over a mile away.

Nazeem, if you recall, is a wealthy Redguard that owns a nearby farm. He’s basically an elitist prick who goes around town bullying folks about how nothing they sell is good enough for his refined tastes. So, murdering him is a great way to put him in his place.

You gotta be impressed with a14alo’s aim. A single fireball from the roof of Dragonsreach reduces Nazeem to cinders.

That’s not even the most impressive of a14alo’s shots. Check out this long-range bow kill that murders a bandit after they spawn in from a waypoint. Now that’s a long shot.

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