Skyrim: Rise In The East Quest Walkthrough

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Sometimes in Skyrim, you have to look carefully in some places to find a quest. For instance, did you know that the East Empire Company, a trading company with close ties to the Empire, has an office in Windhelm, the Stormcloak capital? This is where the Rise in the East quest in Skyrim can be started.

Rise in the East involves you eliminating a group of pirates who have been harassing the East Empire Company office in Windhelm. It sounds simple at first but there is a bit involved with it that can make Rise in the East a bit of a challenge.

How To Start Rise In The East In Skyrim

Head over to the East Empire Company office at the Windhelm Docks and talk to Orthus Endarios. He'll inform you that a group of pirates, the Blood Horkers, have been messing with the company in the city and have been preventing them from conducting business.

He'll ask you to find out where they're located and to take them down. He'll make sure you are well compensated for the job. This quest is made easier with some thief skills, such as sneak, lockpicking, and pickpocket, but is not necessary to complete Rise In The East.

Finding The Blood Horkers' Base

After you're done talking with Endarios, you will have to steal a logbook that can be found in the Shatter-Shields keep located to the right of the East Empire Company office. The door to the Shatter-Shields will be locked with a master-level lock preventing easy access. The door can be lockpicked but if you're having trouble, you can head to the home of clan Shatter-Shield, that's located in the northwestern part of Windhelm, and pickpocket the key off of Torbjorn Shatter-Shield.

Regardless of how you get into the keep, the logbook can be found in the back left corner of the area behind an open book that's behind a small wall. There are fewer people at the office at night so it's best to try and steal the logbook then. The logbook will reveal that the Shatter-Shields hired a pirate group to harass their competitors so they can become the main trading force in Windhelm.

Now return to the office and present the book to Endarios. He will then tell you to head to the Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar in order to find out the location of the Blood Horkers' base. Go inside the inn and talk to Stig Salt-Plank to find out the location of the base. You can either bribe him, brawl with him, or read the note on him by pickpocketing him to discover the Blood Horkers' base is located at Japhet's Folly.

Assaulting Japhet's Folly

Head back over to Endarios to report what you've learned and he will direct you to a boat that will take you to the base. Once there, talk to the East Empire agent Adelaisa Vendicci about what to do next. She'll tell you to lead their assault on the island and to eliminate the Blood Horkers' magician leader, Haldyn.

Japhet's Folly is located to the south, so jump across the ice until you can see a tower hidden by some fog in the distance which is the base. From here, you can either charge in through the docks to your left for a more direct assault, or go straight underwater to find a sea cave for a sneakier approach. Regardless of the approach, you need to head to the top of the tower where Haldyn is located and fight any enemies that get in your way.

Once you get there you will have to deal with Haldyn himself, who uses lightning bolt spells for offense, wears heavy armor for defense, and fast-healing spells to replenish his health. Be sure you have some anti-shock potions and apparel on you as well as weapons that can drain Haldyn's magicka. Thankfully though it's a one-on-one fight as he has no allies in his vicinity.

Once you slay Haldyn in Rise in the East, loot the key off of him to have an easy way out of the tower. Once outside, the East Empire will begin assaulting the island with explosive arrows, which will kill any remaining pirates and destroy nearby buildings. Keep pushing to the northeast until you get back to the boat you came on. Tell Adelaisa of the news and let her know when you're ready to return.

Completing Rise In The East And Its Rewards

You will now be returned to the Windhelm docks where Endario will thank you for finishing off the Blood Horkers as they are now no longer a threat to the company in Windhelm. He will give you gold for your troubles that will vary based on your level.

At the same time, Adelaisa will now become a follower for you should you need her. She can be found at the East Empire Office in Windhelm.

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