Solos Are Now Live In Call Of Duty: Warzone

It’s only been a single week since its release, but Call of Duty: Warzone is now ready for solo action. If you just cannot get your friends together or are trying to live out some Rambo dream, you’ll finally be able to drop solo into Verdansk and take on the world. Good luck surviving through 150 players, though.

The official Call of Duty Twitter account made the announcement and noted that the mode is live right this second. Seeing as how people are supermarkets are currently fighting over toilet paper rolls, this solo mode can be a re-enactment of a brawl you saw at Stop & Shop last night…Yeah, just ignore me.

The main difference with this mode from what was previously on offer is that everyone will be solo. If you were a true hero, you could drop solo into squads and attempt to take out three-man teams as a maverick. That was probably a really stupid plan, so this will even the playing field a little more.

The more surprising thing isn’t that solos is now an option, but with how quickly it was added. You’d think a standard battle royale feature like this would have been there from the start. Infinity Ward is likely releasing updates like this on a timed schedule so that the servers don’t become overloaded. It would be really bad to have your game crash right out of the gate.

As for any other specific tweaks that solo will offer, we don’t really know. There’s no lengthy blog post or even a small blurb to clue us in. There’s bound to be something different with the loot and possibly even the speed of the gas clouds, but Infinity Ward is being mum. Battle royale is more of a “feel it out” kind of thing anyway, so players are bound to learn more by doing than reading.

If you were waiting on downloading Warzone because of its lack of solo support, now is your time. Try to be the first to claim victory amid a group of 150 of your peers. That high number is bound to make the victory extra spicy.

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