Somehow, The Xbox Series X Is Still In Stock On Christmas Eve

Over a year in, and getting either of the next-gen consoles is still a nightmare. Part shortages, scalpers, and pandemic-related production hold-ups make for a deadly combination, meaning many of us are still fighting for an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5.

However, it is somehow still possible to pick up an Xbox – despite the Christmas rush. The Series X is still in stock over on Amazon, and can be with you in time for the new year.

The base console is going for £449.99 on Amazon, with the Series S available for £249.99. Both models appear to be well-stocked, but the Series S is available in a much wider range of game and controller bundles. The more powerful model, on the other hand, is currently only available on its own, or packaged with Back 4 Blood or Far Cry 6.

Unfortunately, you won't be getting it anytime around Christmas. With prime delivery, you can expect it anytime between January 1 and 4, so you'll at least be able to greet 2022 in style.

If you're keen to get a Series X, you should probably act fast. As we've previously reported, the supply shortage is currently so bad that Microsoft had to provide pro Halo players with development build consoles at a tournament. Yeah, even Xbox can't pick up and Xbox right now.

While getting an Xbox means missing out on some great PlayStation 5 exclusives, we recently found out that one of the best is probably heading to Xbox in 2022. Deathloop's PlayStation exclusivity ends September 14 next year, making an Xbox and PC port incredibly likely given its immense popularity. Quite understandably, Sony isn't exactly shouting this from the rooftops, and it was actually only noticed by some eagle-eyed fans in the small text of a Deathloop advert.

The Xbox Series X and S launched November 10, 2020. It is part of the ninth generation of consoles.

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