Someone Has Modded MrBeast Into Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo completed its Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster in 2021 by adding Sora. If you want to expand the roster any further, you'll have to do it using mods. As for who can be added in that roundabout way, MrBeast has just unofficially joined the fight.

The mod is available through GameBanana and has been created with help from a number of different modders. While created and posted by LN_310, other modders who helped bring MrBeast to Smash Bros. include breadloser_, Jax, Danko, MulligumMayhem, and CatIsSavage. A mod that appears to have been inspired by and then born from a meme that generated traction on social media.

If you're wondering how the mod performs, and just how strange the man who might be the world's most famous streamer looks in Super Smash Bros, you can check it out in action below. Two MrBeasts dueling it out, showcasing the modded character's unique move set and yes, he even has voice lines. You'll also notice if you look closely that Smash Bros' MrBeast even has different attires.

In fact, he has a few, just in case there are four of you who want to be MrBeast all at the same time, and why wouldn't there be? One of the streamer's Smash Bros. looks even includes the hat he wears on occasion. The same one that was also added to Fortnite via one of his official in-game skins. Quite the end of the year for MrBeast when it comes to video game crossovers, even if this one isn't officially endorsed by the man himself.

As for the one that was, MrBeast was added to Fortnite earlier this month, shortly after players saw him make a blink and you'll miss it cameo in the Chapter 4 launch trailer. MrBeast's Fortnite crossover included a competition in which players competed for the chance to win $1 million, the latest of many high-paying stunts pulled off by the streamer. He also has more subscribers than anyone else on YouTube as of November. What a 2022 for MrBeast.

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