Someone Remade That Stunning Unreal Engine 5 Train Station Demo In Dreams

Martin Nebelong, an artist working with Media Molecule, has used Dreams to recreate the stunning Unreal Engine 5 demo that went viral earlier in the month.

Earlier this month, an Unreal Engine 5 tech demo went viral thanks to how realistic it made a train station look. It was so close to reality that you could probably get away with calling it GoPro footage. That short video went viral pretty quickly, as most videos of games looking realistic do, and has led to it being recreated in various different ways.

One of the most exciting ways is thanks to Martin Nebelong, an artist working with Media Molecule who decided to recreate the short tech demo in Dreams. The final result is seriously impressive and goes to show how much can be done in Dreams. If the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo freaked you out with how realistic it manages to look, then the Dreams version might blow you away even more.

Nebelong has been working on the Dreams version of the demo over the past few weeks, sharing updates on it as he goes. The latest update is a timelapse video showing how Nebelong created the level. Alongside the video, he said, "Here's a timelapse of making the train station scene in Dreams on my PS5. No mouse, no keyboard. Just waving my arms in the air with two glowing wands". Nebelong also shared a separate behind the scenes video on YouTube showing how the scene was made, in case you want a longer look at the process.

As a fun little twist, Nebelong also made a horror version of the demo. The original version of the level just lets you explore the small train station area, but the horror version makes it nighttime, adds working trains that rush by to scare you, has graffiti appearing on the wall, and ends with an encounter with some kind of ghost lady. It's impressive seeing how inspiration has come from just one Unreal Engine 5 tech demo.

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