Sonic Frontiers: Chaos Island Guardian Guide

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  • Shinobi
  • Excavator
  • Fortress
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  • Spider
  • Titan Knight (First Battle)
  • TItan Knight (Second Battle)

Chaos Island, the third map in Sonic Frontiers, has multiple Guardians like the ones before it. Some, like Shinobi and Excavator, are stronger versions of Guardians you've seen before, while newcomers like Fortress and Spider provide fresh challenges. Since Chaos Island has less traversable landmass, you can expect to have a hard time avoiding battles with these foes – especially near important spots like Portals and Chaos Emerald Vaults!

Even if you defeat all the island's Guardians, you'll still have to take down the Titan, Knight, in the game's toughest boss fight yet. Read on to find the best strategies for each of these massive mechanical monstrosities!


  • South of the Stage 3-1 Portal

Shinobi is a more powerful version of Ninja, the first Guardian you fought back on Kronos Island. In addition to devastating melee attacks, Shinobi is able to block your strikes and counter.

Whenever Shinobi blocks, dodge immediately. If you’re quick, you can hit the Guardian with Wild Rush before they counter; otherwise, dodge until Shinobi stops attacking, then start a new combo.


  • West of the Stage 3-4 Portal

Excavators are identical to the Towers from Kronos Island, but fire more missiles and have more health. Use the same strategy to defeat them; attack the bottom sections until the Guardian’s head is within range, then finish it off with a combo.

Since you’ll have access to more special attacks than you did on Kronos Island, Excavators will likely turn out to be easier than Towers.


  • Along the coast northwest of the Stage 3-1 Portal
  • Beyond the drawbridge in the northeastern corner of the map (only accessible after progressing Tails' quest chain)

This enormous Guardian patrols an area of the island, dropping bombs on Sonic if he gets within range. Avoid the bombs while waiting for Fortress to reach the shoreline; at that point, they’ll deploy grind rails for you to give chase.

As you grind, the rails will periodically turn blue. Ride the blue rails to increase your speed and avoid pitfalls. When you’ve closed the distance by about half, Fortress will start firing projectiles along the rails. Dodge left and right to stay on the blue rails while also avoiding hits.

You'll automatically boost while on blue rails, and your Boost Meter won't deplete. This lets you focus on catching dodging bullets!

When you catch up to Fortress, use Homing Attack to hit the Guardian’s core. A single combo should be enough to destroy Fortress.


  • North of the Stage 3-4 Portal (near where you're dropped off after the first Titan battle)
  • Southeast of the Stage 3-5 Portal

The Squids of Chaos Island are fought the same way as those on Kronos Island; jump to the purple trail behind them and give chase until you can make a Homing Attack. There are a few key differences, though!

The Squids here start closer to the ground, making it much easier to start a fight or re-engage after falling off. However, Chaos Island Squids will speed up when you get too close, giving you only a short window to make a Homing Attack once you’re in range.

Depending on where the battle ends, the Squid’s Portal Gear might bounce off the cliffs and into the ocean as it falls! If that happens, leave the area and return to the Squid’s spawn point; the Portal Gear will appear there.


  • Near the coast far to the east of the Stage 3-1 Portal
  • South of the Stage 3-4 Portal

These Guardians are covered in spikes, so you won’t be able to attack them right away. Start by using Cyloop on each of the Spider’s legs. The ones that haven’t been hit yet will have a glowing spot near the foot.

When all four legs have been weakened with Cyloop, you’ll be able to attack Spider’s main body. Doing so will launch Sonic high into the sky. Avoid spikes and enemies on the way down, hitting as many blue rings as you can. Every ring you hit will wait above Spider at the bottom of the drop, letting you get a solid blow in when you land.

After striking Spider and knocking off their armor this way, you can finish them off with a combo.

Titan Knight (First Battle)

As usual, Sage will send the island’s Titan after you once you’ve collected your first Chaos Emerald. When the cutscene ends, run to the nearby Squid Guardian and start dashing along the trail.

This time, the Squid trail will be run from a side-scrolling perspective. Instead of changing lanes, you’ll need to jump to avoid projectiles.

Boost often and use the higher platforms to avoid the Titan’s sawblade when it appears. When you reach the end of the course, you’ll make your escape.

TItan Knight (Second Battle)

Once you’ve solved the puzzle in the ruins at the end of Tails’ quest chain, Knight will appear in the caldera. When you approach, the battle begins.

Watch for Knight to raise their hand; that’s a signal that they’re about to smash the ground, sending a ring of spikes rippling out from the impact zone. Jump over or parry the spikes and try to reach Knight’s hand – it’s attached by cables that you can grind on to reach the Black Chaos Emerald.

Once you’ve transformed into Super Sonic, wait for Knight to attack with their sword, and parry. While you’re waiting, attack Knight’s head whenever it’s exposed. The Titan will quickly put up a shield to block, but you can get some solid hits in before that happens. You can even dodge to the right to attack around the shield and keep pummeling Knight’s head!

When Knight’s health is reduced to half, they will deploy their shield’s buzzsaw mode and start moving at top speed around the caldera. The Titan will start moving too fast to hit; instead look for the red lines that indicate the shield’s path. Get in the shield’s way and parry. This will set up a quick-time event where you can aim and throw the shield at Knight.

Aim slightly ahead of the Titan when throwing the shield to make sure that you hit.

When Knight is stunned after being hit with the shield, you can follow up with a combo. Repeat this process until Knight's health is almost empty, at which a final sequence of quick-time events will trigger. Complete them to defeat the Titan and move on to Rhea Island.

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