Sonic Frontiers’ DLC Won’t Work If You Beat The Tutorial Before Installing It

If you fired up Sonic Frontiers as soon as it was available but didn't install your DLC, then more fool you. The additional content that comes with the digital deluxe edition of Frontiers will be rendered unusable if not installed before you play the game's tutorial.

The pretty important news was highlighted by Sega via Sonic's Twitter account hours before Frontiers launched (thanks, GamesRadar). The tweet informs players that if they bought the digital deluxe version of Frontiers, they will need to download the DLC that comes with it before starting a new game. If installed after completing the tutorial area, the DLC will not be valid.

It also notes digital deluxe owners will need to install the latest patch before applying the DLC. Frontiers players on Xbox might also struggle to find the digital art book that should be included. That's because it appears to have been separated from the rest of the game for some reason, and you will need to download it separately by searching for the book through the Xbox app store.

There is other DLC coming to Sonic Frontiers, and it's worth noting you can go ahead and start the game without worrying that other content will be unattainable if you do so. The Monster Hunter and Sonic Adventure 2 Soap shoes DLC can be downloaded at a later date, even if you have played the tutorial and progressed through a chunk of the game, or presumably even if you have played the whole thing.

Sonic Frontiers' reviews dropped earlier this week and unlike God Of War Ragnarok, they were incredibly varied. Now the game has finally arrived, you can play it yourselves and determine which end of the Sonic review spectrum you fall on. You can also try to figure out where on the Sonic timeline Frontiers falls, something that has become so complicated Sega is currently looking for someone to come in and untangle the hedgehog's lore.

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