Sonic Frontiers: Kronos Island Portal Stage Guide

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To unlock the Chaos Emerald Vaults in Sonic Frontiers, you need to enter Cyber Space using the portals scattered across each island. There, you can play traditional Sonic speed courses, completing challenges to earn Vault Keys. The first set of these Portal Stages, on Kronos Island, are fairly simple compared to later levels, but it can still be a challenge to get every possible key!

To help you in your search, we've noted the locations of every Red Star Ring across all seven of Kronos Island's stages, as well as tips for reaching the goal fast enough to earn a coveted S-Rank time.

Stage 1-1

Stage 1-1 is located in the Tutorial Area, on the southeast corner of Kronos. You'll be automatically sent there after the game's intro.

Red Star Rings

The first Red Star Ring in Stage 1-1 is over the left-hand pile of crates on the curving track just after the level begins. There's a narrow booster you can hit that will shoot you right to it; if you miss, you'll have to manually jump to the ring. Light Dash can help catch it without losing too much time.

At the end of the first section you'll find a wall that you'll need to jump over. At the top are some smashable crates, the centermost of which contains the second Red Star Ring.

Jump at the very end of the first grind rail; the momentum should carry you to the third Red Star Ring, but using Boost or Light Dash might be helpful to seal the deal.

When you see a wide ramp that will boost you across a chasm, be sure to hit it right in the center. This is the only way to catch the fourth Red Star Ring and survive.

The fifth Red Star Ring is hovering over the final straightaway, just before the goal. You'll have to jump to get it as you make your final rush to the end.

S-Rank Tips

  • In the beginning section, either run past or jump over the crates. The boosters are too narrow to reliably hit, so you're more likely to run into a wall and lose time if you try them.
  • Boost instead of Homing Attack whenever possible, especially when climbing the wall near the second Star Ring. This is faster and keeps you on track.
  • The enemies in the middle of the course need to be taken out with Homing Attack; since you can't avoid it, use Stomp to get back to the ground and start boosting again faster.

Stage 1-2

Stage 1-2 is in the middle of the Tutorial Area. You'll need to defeat both the nearby Ninja and Tower Guardians in order to get enough Portal Gears to enter.

Red Star Rings

When the stage begins, stay in the center of the track without jumping. You'll catch the Red Star Ring just before the first orange booster.

When the track splits into high and low roads for the first time, take the lower path. Again, stay in the center; the second Red Star Ring is on the first hill going upwards along this route.

Stage 1-2 contains two sets of three parallel grind rails. On the first of these, stay on the center rail to easily collect the third Red Star Ring.

On the second set of grind rails, keep to the left or right until you pass the spikes on the center rail. Once you do, go back to the center rail and stay on it to catch the fourth Red Star Ring right before the spiral loop.

The last ring is under the rooftop just before the goal. You won’t see it if you take the high road, but the rails leading downward will drop you right on it; just watch out for the spikes beyond!

S-Rank Tips

Stage 1-2 is probably the hardest course to master on Kronos Island thanks to its unforgiving time requirement. Even with these tips, you'll probably need a few practice runs to clear the stage in under 55 seconds!

  • Stay on the low road during the first segment, as the boosters and rails will give you more speed with fewer risks.
  • When you reach the first wall, use the bounce pad instead of the wire to climb it. This gives you more altitude, letting you boost at the height of your jump to bypass the enemies at the top entirely.
  • Stomp after using the balloons to cross the gap past the enemies. This saves several seconds by getting you to the ground faster, letting you boost again.
  • On the second grinding sequence, (the one with the spikes), try jumping and boosting over the spikes, hitting the orange rings. It’s much riskier but saves a lot of time.
  • When you can see the goal in the distance, double-jump and boost to land on top of the building in front of it. Going over the roof is the fastest and safest way to reach the goal. Stomp when you’re over the roof to keep your momentum going – just don't do it too early, or you'll fall off the stage!

Stage 1-3

This Portal is located northwest of the Blue Emerald Vault, just outside the Tutorial Area. You can defeat the nearby Asura to get a Portal Gear if you need one.

Red Star Rings

Stick to the high road during the opening segments of the stage. At the end of the second grind rail you can collect the first Red Star Ring; don't jump until the last possible moment, or you'll go over it!

When the stage requires you to use Homing Attack to bounce off of balloons, be sure to hit the orange boost ring at the end of the sequence. This will get you the second Red Star Rings and ten regular rings!

Roughly midway through the stage is a speed booster that sends you toward a large loop. The third Red Star Ring is just before the booster, so stay on the ground as much as you can.

After the loop, a bounce pad will shoot you to a grind rail; just stay on it to get the fourth ring. You don't even need to jump!

The final ring is in the ascent to the goal, the bounce pad should take you straight to it! Be sure not to use Homing Attack to reach the second spring until after you've got your prize.

S-Rank Tips

This stage is pretty forgiving in its time requirements. Just keep dashing to the right and watch out for traps!

  • The first section has some spikes you’ll need to clear – be ready to jump immediately after the first dip once the perspective changes to a side view.
  • When Sonic runs down a vertical incline just before the first checkpoint, jump at the bottom to avoid a bounce pad that will push you back.

Stage 1-4

Stage 1-4 is far north of the Stage 1-3 Portal, and northeast of the Red Emerald Vault.

Red Star Rings

When Sonic goes off the first big jump in the stage, stay to the right to get the first Red Star Ring on the way down. You may need to Boost or use Light Dash to catch it when you reach the correct altitude.

On the first set of grind rails, stay to the right to easily collect the second Red Star Ring.

On the second set of grind rails, start on either the left or right side to avoid the dip in the center Once you’re past it, move to the center and use the orange booster there to get the third Red Star Ring.

Past the crab enemies, look for a wall that you can only scale by using bounce pads. Go straight up the middle to get the fourth Star Ring as you ascend.

The fifth Star Ring is above the straightaway just before the goal. All you need to do is jump.

S-Rank Tips

This stage has a few opportunities to save time:

  • During the first big jump, it’s possible to reach the next area without having to use bounce pads. Double-jump at the height of your arc (as soon as you see the platform you’re aiming for), then boost about a half-second later. If executed perfectly, this will let you keep running without having to pause. Be sure to ignore the enemies immediately afterward!
  • Once you’re past these enemies, stay to the right and jump to hit the orange boost ring at the end of the platform. This will give you a chance to hit the grind rails early!
  • At the end of the second set of grind rails, be ready to jump since there are no bounce pads to help you clear the walls!

Stage 1-5

Stage 1-5 is north of the tall tower. An Asura lurks just west of the Portal if you need an extra Portal Gear.

Red Star Rings

The first Star Ring is a bit counterintuitive; stay on the middle path while avoiding all boosts. This is the slowest route through the first section, but it’s the only way to get the Red Star Ring without bypassing it.

Just past the first Red Star Ring, stay on the far left side of the track to get the second one. Riding the grind rail is an easy way to make sure you get it, along with some extra rings!

The third ring is automatically collected as you swing on across a chasm midway through the stage.

The fourth ring is on the wide platform full of enemies – be careful not to boost in the air over it, or you’ll overshoot!

The fifth ring is just before the goal. Be sure to approach from above by hitting as many boosts as you can in the final section!

S-Rank Tips

Stage 1-5 features multiple paths, some of which are much faster than others.

  • Just after the stage begins, jump to the alternate track on the left for a shortcut that you won’t get in the center or right tracks. You’ll need to use Light Dash twice to survive this route, but it’s the fastest path by far.
  • When you swing on the wire after a series of aerial bounce pads, rapidly press the button for Homing Attack. There’s a shortcut at the very end of the swing that you only have a split second to take advantage of!

Stage 1-6

Reminiscent of the classic Green Hill Zone, Stage 1-6 can be found at the bottom of the big waterfall, northwest of the Yellow Emerald Vault.

Red Star Rings

After the first crab enemies, a Red Star Ring can be reached by jumping toward the higher platform guarded by a hornet. Use Homing Attack to make the enemy give you a boost!

For the second Red Star Ring, stick to the low road by staying on the ground after the first checkpoint. Navigate the spikes and moving platforms until you reach a set of yellow springboards which will take you to the Star Ring before the paths reconnect.

Be on the lookout for some balloons you can bounce off of with Homing Attack. The third Red Star Ring is just past them; just be careful not to hit the spikes in front of it!

After the next checkpoint, a series of springboards will take you to a section with a hornet and destructible platforms. Be sure to grab the fourth Red Star Ring before continuing!

The fifth and final Red Star Ring is just above the path before the final climb to the goal. The last loop on the high path takes you straight to it.

S-Rank Tips

Fans of classic Sonic will appreciate this stage's many branching paths, but choosing the optimal route can be tricky!

  • During the first section, jump to avoid the enemies but don’t use Homing Attack. The two main exceptions to this are the first set of crabs and hornet, which you can use to get enough height to reach a shortcut (albeit without getting the first Star Ring).
  • When the ground changes color and dips for the first time, jump to bypass the upcoming wall.
  • The high path is the fastest route in Stage 1-6 by far. When in doubt, jump and boost to reach higher platforms and avoid the traps, enemies, and spikes of the lower routes.
  • The two hornets over the final spiked pit might seem like they need to be used with Homing Attack in order to cross, but you can clear the pit and reach the springboard on the other side with a double-jump and a boost.

Stage 1-7

Stage 1-7 is on a floating island southwest of the Yellow Emerald Vault. You’ll need to solve a puzzle to reach the Portal. At the edge of the cliff, look for a glowing pedestal. Use Homing Attack to activate the three nearby switches, then hit the pedestal itself. A rail will appear to a nearby island. Go there and repeat the process (there will only be two switches this time) to create a second rail back on the mainland which leads to the portal.

Be sure to speak with Sage before or after completing the stage so that you don’t have to come back! The portal’s sides have Purple Coins and lost Koco, and there’s a crate behind it which contains a Blue Seed.

Red Star Rings

The first Star Ring is along the main path, right in the center. A red spring will shoot you straight to it.

After the first checkpoint, you’ll see a helicopter. Destroy it with Homing Attack, and you’ll see the second Star Ring on the blocks ahead and to the right. If you let yourself fall a little you can use Homing Attack to reach a swing bar that makes it easier to hit the platforms without overshooting.

When you see a group of tanks and helicopters, avoid the temptation to attack them and stay on ground level. The third Star Ring is at the bottom of the hill, roughly in the center of the square formed by the tanks.

In the next section, be ready to hit a bounce pad at the end of the loop. While you’re in the air, use Homing Attack to reach a pair of swing bars that will let you reach the fourth Star Ring.

The fifth ring is on the final grind rail leading to the goal. Stay on the rail and don’t jump to make sure that you get it.

S-Rank Tips

This is the kind of stage that just lets you go, go, go! There are plenty of ways to get a better time, but lots of obstacles to slow you down as well.

  • Immediately after the stage begins, take the right-hand path at the top of the first hill. Use Light Dash to zip along the line of rings to a set of boosters that will quickly bypass the first area.
  • Ignore tanks and helicopters whenever possible, boosting past them instead of attacking.
  • The S-rank time is relatively forgiving, but if you need to make up extra time look out for opportunities to jump into orange boost rings while grinding on rails during the final section.

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