Sonic Frontiers: Ouranos Island Portal Stage Guide

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Where previous islands in Sonic Frontiers have seven Portal Stages, the final map has nine. There are also more Chaos Emerald Vaults, since you can't get the Green and Teal Emeralds from quests on Ouranos Island, so you'll have to pay Cyber Space several visits to unlock them all.

As you might expect from the game's climax, Ouranos Island's Portal Stages are among the fastest, trickiest, and deadliest of all. Use this guide to track down all five Red Star Rings in each stage, and blast to the goal in record time while you're at it!

Stage 4-1

Stage 4-1 is just past the island’s starting area, on a cliff north of the Blue Emerald Vault. There are some Purple Coins on the pedestal, which will come in handy at the fishing spot to the south!

Red Star Rings

Immediately after the first checkpoint, there are two paths of green balloons to bounce off of using Homing Attack. Take the left-hand path for the Red Star Ring and a shortcut!

The springs just before the long line of yellow crates will bounce you to a set of rings. Use Light Dash to reach the second Red Star Ring.

After the next loop, ride on the grind rail to the right to pick up the third Red Star Ring.

During the climb after the hang glider, you’ll see a spring in the middle of a corner that aims to the right. Ignore it and use Light Dash on the rings above to get the fourth Red Star Ring.

The fifth Red Star Ring is in the center of the track on the final stretch before the goal. Keep an eye out for it after you get shot from the cannon!

S-Rank Tips

Despite being a fairly one-track stage, 4-1 nevertheless has a few shortcuts and opportunities to optimize your time.

  • Immediately after the green balloons where the Red Star Ring can be collected, smash the boxes on the left to reveal a spring. This will take you to an upper area where you can use Light Dash to bypass the spikes below.
  • Stomp immediately after Sonic lets go of the hang glider. This will get you to the boosters below faster.
  • Collecting the fourth Red Star Ring takes you lower on the tower, forcing you to climb back up. This isn’t enough time to prevent you from getting S-Rank, but if you already have the ring from a previous run you can go straight to the cannon.

Stage 4-2

The Portal to Stage 4-2 is on the shore west and slightly north of the Blue Emerald Vault.

Red Star Rings

Stay in the center of the track during the first segment to get the first Red Star Ring. It’s at the end of a line of rings, so you can use Light Dash to help catch it.

The second Red Star Ring is in the air in the tunnel before a big jump.

The third Red Star Ring is on the right side of the moving platforms after the first checkpoint.

You can get the fourth Red Star Ring by using the springs after the large chasm guarded by a tank.

The fifth Red Star Ring is automatically collected on the final spring that leads to the goal.

S-Rank Tips

The main route in Stage 4-2 is longer than the alternate routes, so look for opportunities to take shortcuts whenever possible.

  • Just before the end of the first section, look off the track to the left for an orange boost ring over a van. This takes you to a completely different course that is more dangerous and bypasses most of the Red Star Rings, but is much faster.
  • For an even faster, but even more dangerous route, look for another boost ring over a black van immediately after the first. This course requires lots of precision to hit boosts and avoid falling, but bypasses most of the stage!

Stage 4-3

You can find the Portal to Stage 4-3 southwest of the Red Emerald Vault. There are lots of Guardians in the area, so you may have to fight your way through.

Red Star Rings

At the end of the first sequence, a spring will launch you to a platform with several yellow crates. You’ll be able to see the first Red Star Ring above the middle one.

When you see enemies to the right, follow them up to the higher platform. You’ll be able to Light Dash at the end to get the second Red Star Ring.

The third Red Star Ring is over the spike pit past the first checkpoint. Be careful when retrieving it!

In the section after the spike pit, avoid the orange boost ring. Instead, take the lower path, where you’ll see the fourth Red Star Ring on your left.

The fifth Red Star Ring is automatically collected as you bounce through the course after the second swing bar.

S-Rank Tips

No matter which route you take in Stage 4-3, getting an S-Rank time means keeping your run as precise as possible.

  • Stomp at the very beginning of the stage to get to the ground faster and start running.
  • Avoid using Homing Attack during the first big jump. Instead, boost past the enemies and trapeze to reach the other side of the chasm much faster. As you fall, you may be able to catch a spring with Homing Attack, bypassing a lot of track.
  • You can bypass the final trapeze the same way by boosting past it. Aim your fall so that you go through the cylinder ahead. You’ll still need to defeat the robots at the bottom before the goal will appear.

Stage 4-4

Stage 4-4 is inaccessible until after you’ve extended the bridge as part of Sage’s quest chain. Once you’ve done so, you can find the Portal northwest of the bridge, on a hilltop. It’s southwest of the Green Emerald Vault.

Red Star Rings

The first Red Star Ring is on the center platform immediately after the first checkpoint.

When you see a platform full of rotating spikes, look for the second Red Star Ring in the center – just be careful getting it!

The spikes nearest the Red Star Ring are on the upper level – walk under them without jumping for the easiest path to the item.

Just before the second checkpoint, there’s a long rail-grinding sequence. Stay toward the center and jump to the rainbow ring near the end, just before the rails spiral. It will shoot you to the checkpoint and let you get the third Red Star Ring as you go.

At the second set of rotating spikes, you can see the fourth Red Star Ring on the left platform.

The fifth Red Star Ring is in the middle of a dangerous jump after fighting three tanks.

S-Rank Tips

Since Stage 4-4 requires a lot of precision to get the Red Star Rings and doesn’t offer room for mistakes, it’s best to collect the Red Star Rings on a separate run then go for your best time.

  • At the first jump, go through either of the rainbow rings. Both routes are slightly faster than the center.
    • Of the two, the right-hand path is probably the fastest.
  • When you reach the first checkpoint, keep your momentum going and jump onto the platform with the Red Star Ring. This saves having to climb up the sides and even lets you bypass some spikes.
  • There aren’t many other shortcuts, so the rest of the stage is a matter of trial-and-error. Even if you die near a checkpoint, you probably won’t be able to get an S-Rank, so you’ll have to restart from the beginning. Keep at it and don’t give up!
  • Stage 4-5

    The Portal to Stage 4-5 is on the northeastern corner of the map. It’s on the same island as Stage 4-4, so you’ll need to extend the bridge with Sage before you can reach it.

    Red Star Rings

    Once you’re past the first set of collapsing platforms, you’ll take a jump over the chasm. Look for a path to the right and land there to find the first Red Star Ring.

    On the jump immediately after the first checkpoint, stay in the center of the course. You’ll fall for a while before you see the second Red Star Ring on a rail in a circle of spikes. Carefully Boost to grab it and land on the rail!

    The third Red Star Ring is in the middle of the collapsing bridge – stay in the center and don’t stop.

    The fourth Red Star Ring appears shortly afterward; you’ll see it from above when you cross the chasm by bouncing off of balloons. Be sure to grab it before hitting the booster to continue onward!

    When you go over a long chasm with two rings of spikes, let yourself fall so that you can boost through the bottom ring. You’ll be able to get the final Red Star Ring before speeding over the collapsing bridge to the goal.

    S-Rank Tips

    Stage 4-5 is almost entirely a straight line – albeit one with lots of traps and pitfalls. Boost aggressively and just keep pushing the left stick forward; the S-Rank time is very forgiving, so if you aren’t gathering Red Star Rings just stay in the center land and go!

    Stage 4-6

    The Portal to Stage 4-6 is far to the northwest of the Teal Emerald Vault. Oddly, you’ll encounter the Portal to Stage 4-8 on the way!

    Red Star Rings

    At the beginning of the stage, ignore the floating platforms and stick to the low road. After the initial track, you’ll see a yellow spring ahead that will bounce you backward. Jump over it and continue to the right to get the first Red Star Ring.

    When the paths reconverge – either after the yellow spider enemy or the moving blocks, depending on which route you took – be sure to grab the second Red Star Ring before continuing.

    Immediately after the first checkpoint you’ll go through some loops. Beyond them, watch the area just before the yellow spider and jump to get the third Red Star Ring.

    Beyond the second checkpoint, you’ll go into a brief freefall. Catch the fourth Red Star Ring on the way down. It’s easiest to collect if you hug the right-hand wall, as there’s a spring that will break your fall.

    The fifth Red Star Ring is just over the gap immediately before the goal. You’ll have an easier time getting it if you approach from above, but you can get it if you take the low road as well.

    S-Rank Tips

    Essentially, Stage 4-6 is divided into a long route and a short route which occasionally overlap. When in doubt, take the high road to stay on the short route!

    • Watch the track ahead for ground-based enemies; they can really sneak up on you in this stage!
    • When you fall toward the fourth Red Star Ring after the second checkpoint, avoid the spring and instead boost to the right when you’re at the ring’s altitude. This will keep you from falling into the longest possible route.

    Stage 4-7

    The Portal to Stage 4-7 is on a small island off the western coast. There’s a large gate in front of the bridge, but you can get around it by fast traveling straight to the Portal once you’ve completed all the island’s Challenges. You can also teleport to the nearby Hermit Koco once you’ve gotten their scroll from the island’s fishing spots.

    Red Star Rings

    When you first use balloons to cross a gap, aim to land on top of the tunnel beyond. You’ll find the first Red Star Ring there.

    When you next encounter fans, look for the second Red Star Ring over the first set. You may need to use Light Dash to pick it up, since the fans will quickly blow you above the ring’s altitude.

    After the first fan sequence, the third Red Star Ring will be visible when you use the floating spring to reach the area.

    Past the second checkpoint, destroy the tank to reveal a fan. It will blow to you a higher route. Stay above the fans until you can land on the blocks ahead, where you’ll see the fourth Red Star Ring to your left.

    Immediately after the fourth Red Star Ring, the fifth is on the jump past the next tank.

    S-Rank Tips

    Navigating the fans is key to getting an S-Rank time in Stage 4-7. Take it slow on the fans, especially when it’s hard to tell your altitude.

    • The best method to dismount from the fans is to look for anything that you can target with Homing Attack, usually springs or tanks.
    • Immediately after the first Red Star Ring, look for a line of rings as you run uphill around a curve. This is a great opportunity to use Light Dash.
    • After you’ve collected the second Red Star Ring, look to the left for a spring. This leads to a zipline that lets you bypass the most difficult fan section, and sends you straight to the third Red Star Ring!

    Stage 4-8

    Stage 4-8 is in the center of the western half of the island, northeast of the Teal Emerald Vault.

    Red Star Rings

    At the very beginning of the stage, use the two orange boost rings in succession to reach the first Red Star Ring.

    Along the main route, the second Red Star Ring is automatically collected when you use an orange booster to launch into a loop.

    Look for the third Red Star Ring along the main route, on a small platform just before the button.

    When you’re launched after the third Red Star Ring, watch for the fourth on your left as you fall.

    The fifth Red Star Ring is automatically collected on the final jump to the goal.

    S-Rank Tips

    Getting an S-Rank in Stage 4-8 requires that you clear the stage in under thirty seconds. The only way to do this is to take a dangerous shortcut that appears at the beginning of the course. It also means you won't be able to get the Red Star Rings on the same run that you achieve an S-Rank.

    1. Start by hammering the attack button as the opening cutscene plays. This lets you grab the trapeze immediately.
    2. When the trapeze launches you up, look to the right for a rainbow ring. Double-jump and Boost to reach it, and it will bypass the entire first section.
    3. While you’re in the air, rapidly press the attack button again to hit a spring that you’ll pass with split-second timing.
    4. When the spring launches you, ignore the enemy below and land on the yellow platform to your right. This will let you target a much higher enemy, sending you to another shortcut. Keep hitting the attack button so that you don’t miss any springs!
    5. At the top of the final ascent, boost forward and stomp onto the button. Landing in the middle of the button will send you straight to the goal, with a time of about twenty-five seconds!

    Stage 4-9

    The final Portal in the game is located on the southwestern corner of Ouranos Island. Sonic rides a skateboard for this last outing! Be careful though, this means you can’t use many of your abilities!

    Red Star Rings

    Stick to the left side of the track during the first part of the stage. The first Red Star Ring is on the other side of some cars that you’ll need to jump.

    The second Red Star Ring is at the end of the next stretch of road, exactly in the center before the final ramp.

    As you climb upward after dismounting the skateboard, look to the right in the area with retracting platforms to find the third Red Star Ring.

    When you get back on the skateboard, watch the middle of the track for a large ramp. It can be tricky to spot in time because of all the sharp curves, but it leads to the fourth Red Star Ring.

    The fifth Red Star Ring is in the center of the track, just before the goal.

    S-Rank Tips

    For most of Stage 4-9, your speed is limited by the skateboard. The only way to get an S-Rank time, therefore, is to complete the climbing section quickly. It’s possible to collect most of the rings, including the Red Star Ring, on the way up, but if you fall more than once you’ll probably need to restart.

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