Sonic Frontiers References His Powers From The Movie

The Sonic movies have been a huge boon for the franchise, reigniting interest in the series and getting everyone hyped for the next game, Sonic Frontiers. Now, it's clear that Sonic Team is drawing inspiration from the films, with an attack in Frontiers coming straight from the recent sequel.

As spotted by Sonic fans playing demos ahead of the game's November launch, the blue blur has new powers in Frontiers. It seems that using the Cyloop ability can result in a short transformation sequence, which sees Sonic glow with bright blue energy, changing the colour of his eyes. Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that this is beat-for-beat the same sequence we see in the Sonic 2 movie, suggesting we may see more references to it in the final game.

The initial video, which seems to be taken from the Sonic Frontiers demo at EGX London, shows the player going around in circles with the new Cyloop ability. Once they've completed three loops, they get a short clip of Sonic harnessing some kind of blue energy.

After that, Sonic is able to run even faster than before, speeding through Frontiers' open zone overworld. It's not clear if this unlocks further abilities, such as being invisible against enemies, or even being able to take them out by just running into them.

According to Twitter user @Memey_PW who shared the original clip, the ability is called "Power Boost". He also notes that the slopes across the Open Zone affect how fast you can run, despite previous demos suggesting there wouldn't be a sense of momentum in Sonic's movement.

If you're UK based and what to try Sonic Frontiers out for yourself, you're in luck – a demo will be available at EGX London over the weekend. Us lot at TheGamer have had a couple of opportunities to try Frontiers out at various conventions, and have loved it so far. Although it remains to be seen if this very unique Sonic game can stick the landing.

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