Sonic Frontiers Reveals Main Theme Song "I’m Here"

Sega has revealed the main theme for Sonic Frontiers, a fairly short song called "I'm Here" performed by Merry Kirk-Holmes from the band To Octavia.

The song was first released via the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account but is now also available to listen to on YouTube as well. "I'm Here" was arranged and composed by longtime series composer Tomoya Ohtani while the song's Strings were arranged by Takahito Eguchi. While "I'm Here" definitely slaps, some fans are likely going to be disappointed that Sega doesn't seem to be working with the regularly featured heavy metal band Crush 40, who famously worked on songs for titles like Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog.

It's not long to go before we get to hear this song in-game either, as Sonic Frontiers is set to release exactly two months from now on November 8. Thanks to the game's presence at Gamescom this year – and those few naughty individuals who got a lot further in the demo than they should have by using save states – we actually know a fair bit about the game as well as returning characters and level design.

For example, it was discovered that the Green Hill Zone level in Sonic Frontiers seems to be extremely similar to the tutorial level in Sonic Unleashed. It was also confirmed that Big the Cat will be one of several returning characters in the game, backing up recent reports that he will have a nice little fishing minigame for players to try out when they're not speeding across the "Open Zone" or completing Cyberspace stages.

In other Sega-related news, Yakuza developer Ryu Ga Gotoku has a surprise in store for its fans later this month, promising a "sneak peek" at a new game. While it wasn't confirmed that it will be our first good look at Yakuza 8, that's pretty much the only thing the studio is responsible for at the moment. Still, I always have my fingers crossed for a Binary Domain remaster.

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