Sonic Team Shares Stunning Sonic Frontiers Art To Celebrate 2022

Sonic Team has shared a stunning piece of Sonic Frontiers artwork to kick-off 2022.

As we start 2022 and enter the new year, game developers like to share special pieces of art to celebrate the occasion and show off what they're working on. Sonic Team has done this several times in the past but its latest one, riffing on the recent reveal trailer for Sonic Frontiers, has to be its best yet.

The artwork shows Sonic standing on a grassy plain and looking towards a tower in the distance. If the determined stance and Breath of the Wild-esque monument in the distance don't clue you in, this is actually a very similar shot to one we saw in the Frontiers reveal, except this time done in a very stylised manner.

Alongside the image, Sonic Team said, "Happy New Year. This year, with more momentum than last year, we would like to take on many challenges as a team so that we can bring the charm of Sonic to even more people. Thank you for your continued support of Sonic this year". It's worth noting that only Sonic Team's Twitter showcased the image, with Sonic's own account last seen sharing a Christmas post.

Fans quickly took to the comments to declare it wallpaper-worthy, as well as hoping that the long-quilled Sonic design we see in the artwork ends up being the one used in the final game. That probably isn't the case, but at least we can celebrate such a cool-looking piece of Frontiers art.

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