Sonic’s Holiday Special Is Star Wars But Even Better

SEGA has released a new Sonic the Hedgehog holiday animation today. Titled Chao in Space, the short follows a young Chao and its space war against the Dark Chao. Interestingly, the animation is based off of the Chao in Space posters in the Sonic Adventure series. Almost 20 years later, fans can finally see how the story plays out.

With this animation, it seems to fully confirm that Chao in Space is the Sonic version of Star Wars, complete with a Force ghost-like appearance from Tikal. As a whole, the animation brings back memories of Sonic Adventure 2. The iconic Chao Garden music plays in the non-dream scenes, surely making players reminisce of the many hours they spent raising Chao.

If this catches your interest, why not check out Chao in Space below?

Although 2019 was more of a quiet year for everyone’s favorite hedgehog (aside from Team Sonic Racing), 2020 should be big. A Hollywood adaption is being released in February and thanks to an updated design, many fans are now looking forward to the picture.

Few video game mascots are as iconic as Sonic. The speedy hedgehog has been in numerous games since his debut back in 1991. One of his most recent games, Sonic Mania, was universally acclaimed. The Switch version of Sonic Mania Plus is the highest-rated console Sonic installment on Metacritic. To tie into the game, SEGA released animations called Sonic Mania Adventures last year. Episode 6 was a holiday special and had Amy Rose show some Christmas spirit to her adversary, Metal Sonic.

These Sonic animations have been much appreciated by fans. From the retro-inspired Sonic Mania Adventures, to the intense race in Team Sonic Racing Overdrive, it is certainly good to see the characters realized in short and sweet official animations. As for the future of the games, Takashi likuza did confirm at SXSW that the next game is currently in production. It’s been a little while since then, so fans are expecting some news on this title soon…possibly tonight?

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