Sony Strikes A Deal With The MLB To Let MLB The Show On Other Platforms

Sony and the MLB announced a shocker of an announcement this evening. In a new deal between Major League Baseball, the Major League Baseball Players Association, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and San Diego Studio, the company’s have come to an agreement to allow the hit series MLB The Show to appear on non-PlayStation platforms.

Along with the series now becoming multi-platform, Sony will be continuing its partnership with the MLB to develop and publish the series for the next few years. While it’s unlikely that the newest entry, MLB The Show 20, will see release on other platforms, a post by the MLB states that the series will be hitting other platforms as early as 2021.

While some may see this as Sony losing an exclusive game, it’s a huge move for getting more people involved with this series. MLB The Show has been the absolute best in the game for two generations now, trumping 2K’s efforts in virtually every category. With it now heading to other platforms, more people will be able to experience this slice of Americana without needing a PS4. Heck, Nintendo’s Twitter account is basically confirming the game is heading to Switch.

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The official post notes that complete details of the agreement will be announced at a later date. With the “State of Play” stream airing tomorrow, there’s a chance we’ll find out more in short order. I wouldn’t expect news to happen so quickly, though.

Sony must have gotten an incredibly good deal to drop exclusivity on this series. It’s certainly the right move, but it’s amazing to think Sony would let go of one of its premier franchises. MLB The Show has never set the world on fire, sales-wise, but it was a key part of what made the PS3 era of sports games favor Sony’s platform.

The series even made its handheld debut on the Vita, though it was mostly a cut-down port of the PS3 version. With the Switch showing itself to be more than capable of handling multi-platform games, this could be the best handheld sports title we’ve ever seen. Add in some crossplay and Sony will make a killing with this deal.

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