Spider-Man 3 Titles Shared By Tom Holland And Jacob Batalon, But They’re Different

Despite seemingly being announced only an hour ago, the title to Spider-Man 3 isn’t clear. In fact, there’s two circulating now thanks to Peter Parker actor Tom Holland and Ned Leeds star Jacob Batalon. Is it Home-Wrecker or Phone Home? Some are speculating that Zendaya, MJ, will follow suit with her own, while others believe Holland will drop the real name on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show tonight.

For context, Tom Holland is set to appear on the show to discuss his upcoming film Cherry. Given the PR stunt pulled just now with the two titles dropping on two of the actor’s Instagrams, it seems as though he has a little Marvel surprise up his sleeve as a bonus.

He posted on Instagram, “So excited to announce the new Spider-Man title. Can’t wait for you lot to see what we have been up to. Love from Atlanta.” Meanwhile, Batalon said, “We’re so excited to share the TITLE of our new movie!” The two titles hinge on that ‘home’ theme that has been prevalent thus far with the naming. Firstly, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man had his solo debut outing in Homecoming, while the follow-up was aptly titled Far From Home.


Not only did Holland and Batalon tease the title – albeit by sharing seemingly fake mock-ups – but they also showed off some new stills from Spider-Man 3 itself, featuring the two alongside Zendaya. It’s unclear just where they are in the stills, but hopefully, in lieu of these pictures being shared, a trailer won’t be too far away.

That being said, some are speculating that this is where the gang will meet up with Doctor Strange, although nothing indicates that whatsoever – right now, all you can do is speculate and come up with wishful fantasies as to what the three are up to. Perhaps more will be unveiled tonight.

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