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There are a variety of unique game modes in Splatoon 3, all with different objectives and rules. The default game mode is Turf War, in which you compete across different maps to cover the most ground in your team's color of ink.

If this is your first Splatoon game, you may be wondering where to start with Turf War. This mode can be intimidating, especially if you're playing against more experienced players. Let's take a look at the basics of Turf War, and some tips for succeeding in this mode.

Basics Of Turf War

In Turf Wars, two teams of four players will battle to decide who can control a majority of the map with their team's paint. Using a variety of different weapons, your main objective is to have the most ground covered in your team's ink color when the match is over. Matches last three minutes, making every second count.

Scoring points in Turf War is as simple as aiming your weapon and firing it, splattering ink over the ground. You will gain points for covering un-turfed areas, or covering the enemy team's paint.

After three minutes, the match will be complete, and the winner will be decided. An overview of the map will be shown, and percentage bars will fill up, representing how much of the entire map was covered by both teams. Whichever team covered the most ground in their paint wins.

Turf War Tips And Tricks

Although the rules for playing Turf War are simple, the actual nuances in the game mode can take a bit to get used to. For example, learning when to ink turf and when to splat enemies, or when to play with your team or go off on your own. Mostly, these are things that you will figure out as you play more of this mode, but here are some tips and tricks for getting started.

Super Jumping

If you are splatted by an enemy, you will be able to return to the fight after a few seconds. Before you launch back into the battle, you can open your map and, using the directional buttons, select a teammate's position to Super Jump to. After a short delay, you will launch towards their position, allowing you to get right back into the action.

When Super Jumping, consider the area you're jumping to carefully. If your teammate is currently engaged in a firefight, you may be quickly splatted again when you land.

Find Your Favorite Weapon

There are dozens of weapons to choose from in Splatoon 3, and any one of them could be your favorite. Try out different weapons at Ammo Knights, and find the one that's best for you. If you can't decide, we have a few suggestions for weapons that excel in Turf War, due to their ease of use and paint-covering capabilities.

Rollers are a perfect beginner-friendly weapon type that boasts paint-slinging skills like no other. Hold down the fire button to slam your Roller down, allowing you to drag it across the ground and cover large distances and areas in your paint. Alternatively, you can launch large waves of paint by quickly pressing the fire button.

Shooters are also great beginner-friendly weapons due to their large range of options and overall ease of use. In particular, the Aerospray MG and Sploosh-o-matic are great for spreading paint, and have good sub-weapons and specials, too.

Ultimately, the weapon you choose is up to you. Play around with all the different options and find one that fits your playstyle best.

Preview Maps With Recon Mode

In Spatsville, you can talk to the recon guide to enter any Turf War map on your own for up to an hour. Here, you can study the map, find vantage points, chokepoints, and other useful information. Using Recon Mode, you can gain the upper hand in Turf Wars through the power of knowledge.

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