SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake – Refreshments Location Guide

You rescue Squidward at the end of the Prehistoric Kelp Forest world in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake. Yet, he's the prehistoric version of the character, who doesn't speak clear English. You help him learn by gathering some books, but that isn't all he requires. The grumpy octopus also requires some refreshments to soothe his throat.

To get some, you have to travel back to the Wild West Jellyfish Fields, which is the first world in the game. There is a saloon there, but you can't just purchase drinks from the establishment. Instead, you need to locate some specific bottles that are lying around. This is where you find them.

Refreshment Location One

Early in the level, you get to a waterfall near a trampoline. Hovering over the waterfall is the first drink.

Hop across the blocks to reach it.

Refreshment Location Two

The second refreshment is at Mrs. Puff's riding school. To be more specific, it's behind the main building.

The drink is up high, so you must get on the roof, use the trampoline to reach the more elevated platform, and leap over to the refreshment.

Refreshment Location Three

When you get to Manta Fe, look for a slingshot in the air next to the jail. Use it to reach a new area. This place contains a large hill in the center.

Go around to the back of it and climb up to find this refreshment.

Refreshment Location Four

This next refreshment is in Cacteen Hills. From the Cacteen Hills checkpoint, head forward until you see a set of blue/grey wood planks on your right.

Go past them to reach a platform looking over the water. From there, look down to see the refreshment below you.

Refreshment Location Five

You can see this refreshment in the distance from the Cacteen Hills checkpoint. To get there, ride the seahorse nearby to reach the right path. Then follow that same path until you reach a sap dispenser.

From there, you can jump over to the refreshment.

Give The Refreshments To Squidward

Once you've got them all, return to Bikini Bottom and find Squidward in front of his house to give him the refreshments. In return, he will give you a gold coin.

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