Sports Story: Beginner Tips

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  • It's More Of An RPG Than A Sports Game
  • Get A Feel For Timing And Lag
  • Understand How Objects And Situations Interact
  • Go To Every Blue Circle
  • Check The World Map For Requirements
  • Trade With People

Sports Story offers an excellent experience that marries sports with RPG mechanics, with plenty of options and games. While the game may have sports you enjoy, you may find some challenging to play and tackle, especially if you want to play them all.

Instead of going into the game without direction, you should apply beginner tips to help you. Doing so will allow you to work past the frustrating aspects of the game and discover everything the game offers.

It's More Of An RPG Than A Sports Game

Even though the game focuses on sports, you must understand that it emphasizes the RPG elements more. Sure, you'll need to plan your moves in sports like golf and react quickly in soccer, but all your overworld interactions act like an RPG. As such, you'll want to keep some general tips in mind.

What You Should Do

Why It Matters

Talk with everyone.

You won't be able to progress through the story unless you talk with others and understand what they want. Some will give you hints, others offer advice, and some can even ask you about tasks. You can then complete their tasks or listen to them for general advice on where to go. You should prioritize characters with icons above their heads since they want to trade, give you a task, or have you complete a tutorial.

Interact with everything.

Watch the bottom of the screen for the interact button to appear. Doing so will allow you to press it whenever it appears. You'll likely pick up an item, get something, or even search the area.

Explore the world.

You'll want to explore every inch of an area as soon as you arrive. Go into all the buildings, see what the area offers, and become familiar with the landmarks. You'll likely run into people who request you collect things for them or complete tasks, so you'll need to remember those locations and return to them.

Listen to your friends as well. They provide the most important information that'll update your notebook with the various tasks you must accomplish.

Get A Feel For Timing And Lag

As you play different sports, you'll notice the importance of timing. For example, to make an accurate golf shot, you must time your first and second button presses to make the ball land where you aimed it. On the other hand, you have to hold down buttons and let go at the right time when you play volleyball.

The game doesn't make it easy on you since you have fast-paced bars and movement during different sports. However, you can make it easier by getting a feel for the timing. Every screen varies in lag, so you'll want to see how your TV fares. Press the A button as soon as the indicator crosses the point you aim for, then do the following:

  • If it's right on the spot, leave it alone.
  • If it landed before the point, press the button slightly later.
  • If it ends up after the point, press the button slightly earlier.

You should stare at the place where you want to press the button based on the adjustments above. Doing so will help you land closer to the middle.

The same applies to other sports, such as volleyball. Let go of the button right before the ball reaches you, so you can find the correct timing. You'll know you let go a bit too soon if you miss. However, letting go slightly before will increase your odds of hitting the ball rather than missing altogether.

Consider playing the game in handheld mode. Since the Switch screen has a consistent display, you'll minimize lag by using it while you play.

Understand How Objects And Situations Interact

You may run into scenarios where different objects or situations can assist you as you play golf or other sports. For example, a golf master talks with you early on and explains how you can use objects to ricochet your hits and redirect your golf ball.

Pumpkins work well since they have a bouncy design, allowing you to easily hit them and direct the ball in a different direction. You can also take advantage of other situations, like a person using a leaf blower. They'll push the ball away from the user, helping you get your golf ball into the goal.

Your various clubs and golf balls also play a role in how the match plays out. You can change the clubs and balls by using the D-pad. As you swap between them, the meter at the bottom of the screen will change, letting you know how it'll impact your swing.

Go To Every Blue Circle

As you play the game, you'll come across blue circles on the ground, so immediately approach them and see what they want you to do. They can help you in various ways.

  • Letting you take on a task.
  • Tackling a challenge offered by someone.
  • Giving you a chance to receive a punch on your license punch card.

You'll need to finish various tasks to progress the story and access more sports. Always approach these circles and do as the instructions say at the bottom. The same applies to sports challenges others may bring up since you can get new items, equipment, and money. You'll also want to complete challenges related to various sports to fill in the punch card. Once you do, you can seek a new license to participate in that sport.

Check The World Map For Requirements

You'll have access to a world map once you finish the intro and spend a night in your hotel. The world map shows you multiple locations, though you can't access most of them. Luckily, the game provides an explanation for areas you can't access until you complete specific requirements.

The Requirement

How You Usually Achieve Them

Needing Different Items

You'll usually have to purchase the item or complete a quest to get it. Try to go to different areas you can access and look for people or situations you haven't interacted with.

Having Specific Licenses

You must complete different tasks from trainers around the area. You'll identify them with the X symbol above their heads. Look around the areas you have access to, trying to cover as much ground as possible in looking for the symbol.

You'll want to go to the world map to look at these requirements, so you know what to focus on. If it mentions how you need a tennis racket, you know to look for one before you return there. You'll see these points reappearing throughout the game, so keep track of them and even take a screenshot for easy access.

Trade With People

You'll find characters with arrows above their heads as you go to new areas and interact with people. You should immediately trade with them if you can. While you may question if you should hold onto the item, you usually don't need to, or their offer has more value than the items you'll give them.

For instance, you'll see a woman at the Rustling Vale, in front of a sign. If you talk to her, she'll ask you for a gear. While you could hold onto the gear, she'll give you a fair amount of money, making the trade worth it. The same applies to Orange Tokens and anything else people want to trade, so perform these trades whenever possible. If you don't have the items, keep them in mind and return later to get your reward.

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