Square Enix news: Marvel’s Avengers CONFIRMED for E3 2019, first update in two years

Square Enix will be showcasing their mysterious Avengers game at E3 2019, it has been confirmed.

The Avengers Square Enix project was first revealed back in January 2017 but since then there has been no word on the upcoming Marvel game.

All fans have had to go on is a brief teaser trailer until now, but that’s all about to change soon.

A brand new Twitter account for the Marvel Avengers game has been set up today, with the Square Enix Twitter retweeting the first post.

The @PlayAvengers Twitter posted: “Tune into Square Enix Live E3 2019 for the worldwide reveal of Marvel’s Avengers.

“The event – complete with closed captions – begins June 10 at 6PM PT: http://Sqex.link/e3 #SquareEnixE3 #Reassemble”.

Fans will surely be hoping that the first gameplay footage for the Avengers game will be revealed during the Square Enix presentation.

Ahead of the E3 event new details on the Avengers game look to have been revealed in a job listing from the game’s developer Crystal Dynamics.

As revealed in a post on ResetEra, the Square Enix Avengers game is going to be a third-person action adventure.

The gameplay will feature melee combat, cover shooting, stealth sections and boss fights.

The job listing mentions: “Design responsibilities include but are not limited to Enemy AI, combat behaviours, stealth, player weapons and tools, cover and melee based mechanics.

“Experience spec-ing and tuning particular combat game systems such as difficulty, weapon aim.

“Current on industry trends as it relates to modern combat design for 3rd person action adventure games.”

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