Square Enix’s ethics department told FF7 Remake devs to shrink Tifa’s chest size

A new Japanese interview has revealed exactly who’s behind the new look for Tifa and hinted at changes to Cloud’s cross-dressing scene.

All of the characters in Final Fantasy VII have undergone a major redesign for the remake, but none is likely to be as controversial with certain fans (you know the kind) as Tifa.

In the original game she was encumbered by improbably large breasts and an incredibly short skirt, while in the remake she looks like an actual human being who gets to choose her own wardrobe.

But rather than the developers it seems that the people pushing for the change worked at Square Enix’s previously unmentioned ethics department, who requested the designers ‘tighten’ her chest so as ‘not to get unnatural during all the intense action’.

The information came to light in a new Famitsu interview from Japan, as translated by website Gematsu.

The interview also reveals that the infamous Honey Bee Inn scene, where Cloud is convinced to undergo a spot of cross-dressing, has been made ‘more modern’. Although whether the ethics department had anything to do with that is unclear.

Other titbits from the interview include some info on the mysterious black mist in the trailer, which is apparently a group of mysterious beings called The Watchmen of Fate – a new story element that wasn’t in the original.

It’s also confirmed that while the main story hasn’t changed there are ‘countless’ new events, as well as ‘a few’ new enemies where necessary.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was one of the stars of last week’s E3 2019 event and is due out on 3 March 2020 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

However, it’s only the first part of a series of games adapting the original PlayStation 1 title, with no news yet on when and how the others will be released.

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