Star Fox: EX Mod Reimagines The Classic Game

Star Fox: EX, the most advanced mod for Star Fox ever created, is now available. A passion project that’s been in development for over two years, Star Fox: EX completely revamps the game with all-new features, a new map, new levels, new enemies, new music, new bosses, and more.

"The Mario Bros. have decided that the Star Fox franchise no longer has a place within the grand Nintendo universe," reads the wacky and yet somehow plausible mod description, "and has set out to destroy the Lylat System forever with the help of characters from more successful Nintendo IPs! Can Fox and his team put aside their former friendship with the Nintendo All-Stars to save both the Lylat System and everything associated with their franchise?"

Yes, Mario is in Star Fox: EX, along with Luigi, floating Link heads, Metroids, and other Nintendo intellectual property that's surely going to raise the Japanese game maker's ire if this mod were to ever achieve sufficient popularity.

Star Fox: EX (which apparently stands for Exploration Showcase) features an all-new map of the Lylat System with 17 new levels. The new story is supported by new game modes, including wireframe mode, borderless mode, and alternate camera angles such as first-person and top-down views.

Customization is also possible for the first time in Star Fox, where the player can change their ship in various ways. Several ships look similar to the originals but have different wings or thicker engines, while completely new ships include a cube or a flying whale. You can also customize your crosshair.

All these new features can be configured as part of a three-page mod menu at the start of the game that includes god mode, ludicrous speed, and dark mode. Star Fox: EX supports up to five players, or you can fly with AI wingmen. Mod creator Kando also assures us there are "tons of hidden secrets" too.

Folks on ResetEra are calling Star Fox: EX a better sequel than Star Fox 2 when it arrived on the Mini SNES. You can download the mod here, but keep in mind you’ll need an emulator to play it.

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