Star Wars Republic Commando Reportedly Struggles On Switch

It sounds like Star Wars Republic Commando on Switch may not run as well as fans would like on the hybrid system. We sense a disturbance in the force.

Gaming junior editor of Comic Book Resources Abram Buehner tweeted out that he’s had issues with the game so far. “Republic Commando’s frame rate is really bad on Switch,” said Buehner, “I feel like it’s hitting 15-20fps docked at certain points, and I’m only in the opening mission.” Freelance writer David Restrepo, who’s published work on Game Revolution and TechRaptor, agreed with Buehner, calling the frame rate “really bad.”

Buehner said in a direct message on Twitter, “I’ve only played the first mission so far, but in both docked/handheld the fps precipitously drops with multiple enemies on screen, and it’s worse in exterior areas.” One of the most important elements of a first-person shooter is its firefights, and unfortunately, Buehner also stated that “I’d say it’s anywhere from 10-30 fps in firefights.”

On Reddit, there’s currently a PSA thread on r/NintendoSwitch about the “rough port.” HardBipartisanTruths in the thread states, “The splash screens and icons are all stretched out too – just stretched from 4:3 to 16:9.” They also said, ” I’m going to keep playing it and see how it goes, but so far this is really a bad port, between all of this and the constant framerate plunges.” reviewed the Nintendo Switch port as well. The writer Grant Hermanns gave the game a 6.5 out of ten, saying, “The stages explored in both Kashyyk and the Prosecutor are still quite exciting to behold, although the rain element from the former and the larger groups of enemies in the latter makes for some horrific instances of frame drops.” From both of these reports by Buehner and Hermanns, the Switch version might be hard to recommend. A purchase on the PS4 might be the better option.

Polygon, however, reports the frame rate issue somewhat differently. “The frame rate stutters occasionally as you move from area to area or during large gunfights,” Ben Kuchera writes, “It’s a small distraction that doesn’t take much away from the enjoyment of the game.”

Those still interested in playing Republic Commando can purchase a physical copy from Limited Run Games. Preorders begin on April 16, and they’re available for both the Nintendo Switch and PS4 versions of the game.

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