Starting Tomorrow, Crayta – Stadia’s Most Ambitious Project – Will Be Free For Everyone

Crayta, one of the best Stadia-exclusive games, will be available for free starting tomorrow morning. The news was originally posted to Reddit before being deleted – and subsequently confirmed – by Google.

Shortly after the announcement went live on Reddit, the post was taken down by its user. It’s likely somebody jumped the gun and posted the news a day early, but 9to5Google has since confirmed Crayta will be made free on December 23. The promotion is expected to run for two weeks –for both Stadia Pro subscribers and free members – so make sure you jump in on the savings while you can.

From the original post, it looks like Crayta will be permanently added to your account if you “buy” it for free during this event. It’s already free for Stadia Pro subscribers, but purchasing the game will let you hang onto it even if you end your monthly subscription.

Crayta is an ambitious game creation platform, letting you quickly and easily piece together games you can share with other online players. You’ll customize your avatar, build your own worlds, then jump into the action with a couple of friends by your side. At launch it garnered mixed reviews – with some loving the creation tools, while others thought the actual gameplay left much to be desired – but as a free title it’s definitely worth your time.

The Stadia exclusive receives constant updates, too, with the latest – Winter’s Edge – dropping earlier this month. This saw the addition of holiday-themed content, letting you add a winter flair to your custom-made worlds.

Crayta is expected to go on sale tomorrow, but for now there are plenty of other ways to save. Stadia is discounting dozens of popular games across the platform, including Assassin’s Creed Origins, Darsiders Genesis, and Human: Fall Flat. Earlier this month you could pick up Borderlands 3 at one of its lowest prices yet, and Stadia is quickly becoming a go-to destination to build up a massive library without dropping too much cash.

Keep your eyes peeled for another announcement about Crayta, as it should be offered as a free title sometime tomorrow morning.

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