Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town – Guide To Treasure Appraisals

As you start your new life in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, there is a whole host of things for you to discover and explore. When checking out the museum in Olive Town, you’ll find you can contribute to a series of exhibits, donating wild animal photos, fish, and even treasure.

Before you can donate treasure to the museum, you first have to find some in the form of different “objects” that can be appraised by Reina. These special items are not guaranteed to hold treasure though, so it may take a while for you to fill your museum exhibit. Here’s everything you need to know about treasure appraisals.

Where to Find Appraisal Objects and Treasure

There are different ways to obtain objects for appraisal: defeating baddies found in mines, draining ponds, or draining lakes. Once a pond or lake is fully drained, a treasure chest will appear for you to claim.


Baddies are mole-like creatures that pop up from the ground in mines. Hitting them with your hammer until their health is completely depleted will cause them to drops items, which can potentially be objects for appraisal. There are three different kinds of baddies in the game: brown, white, and black. Their HP and attack damage increases from brown to white and white to black.


Ponds regularly appear on your farm and can be drained to discover treasure, which will obtain some objects for appraisal. Afterward, you can beat empty ponds with a hammer to make them disappear.


There are two lakes on your farm, one in the second farm area, and one in the third farm area. There is also an extra secret lake that you can unlock — the Ancient Lake.

Draining these with buckets is near impossible, so instead, you’ll want to use Suction Pumps. The recipe for this is unlocked at Draining Level 5, and you’ll then need to craft Refined Coal to power it. Draining lakes can take a number of days, but you can reduce this time by using multiple Suction Pumps at a time.

After a lake is fully drained, wait for it to refill with fresh water over a number of days, and then it can be drained once again to obtain some new appraisal objects.

Treasures that Don’t Need Appraisal

There are some treasure items that do not need an appraisal but that can be donated immediately to the museum. These can be found by draining puddles, purchased from the Sprite Shop (the stock rotates), or are sometimes given by the Journey Sprite.

Different Types of Appraisal Objects

There are three different types of appraisal objects — Timeworn Object, Heavy Object, and Shining Object. Here’s where to get each one:

Timeworn Object

  • Obtained by defeating brown Baddies in the first and second mine
  • Obtained by draining small ponds in the first, second, and third farm areas
  • Obtained by draining lakes in the second and third farm areas

Heavy Object

  • Obtained by defeating white Baddies in the third mine (Floors 1-29)
  • Obtained by draining small ponds in the second and third farm areas
  • Obtained by draining lakes in the second and third farm areas

Shining Object

  • Obtained by defeating black Baddies in the third mine (Floors 31-49)
  • Obtained by draining the Ancient Lake

Museum Appraisals

Once you have an object that can be appraised, you need to speak to Reina in the museum and ask for an appraisal. The museum is open between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:00 pm and is open every day apart from Thursday.

Objects do not guarantee a treasure, but can instead be a random item such as fabric, lumber, ingots, or even jewelry. The rarer the appraisal object, the rarer the item you might obtain from the appraisal.

If an item is appraised as treasure, you can choose to donate it to the museum by speaking to Gloria to the left of Reina. You only need one of each treasure item for the exhibit, so any duplicates can be sold.

After you have obtained a piece of treasure, you can also have a replica of it made by speaking to Beth just inside the museum door.

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