Stray: Where To Find Every Barter Item In The Slums

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When you first get to the Slums in Stray, you have a fairly large area to explore. You can get through this area pretty quickly if you rush through the main story, but there is a lot to see and do if you give the Slums a bit of an explore. There are collectables strewn about everywhere, and some of them are required for different quests.

Barterman is one of the major secondary NPCs in the Slums. He will exchange all kinds of goodies for junk, but this junk has to be found, and it is pretty darn specific. Some of the things he trades are required for the main story, other things are integral parts of side quests. It’s worth tracking them all down.

Where To Find Barterman

Barterman is easy to find. Once you enter the Slums and have spoken to the Guardian, simply head right and down the stairs. You can see his stall and all the items he is willing to trade. There are three in total, and each one requires some sort of resource to acquire.

You can also knock the basketball down the stairs and into a bucket if you want a sneaky Trophy/Achievement.

Here is a list of Barterman’s tradeable items, and what he wants for them.

ItemRequired Junk
Music Sheetx1 Energy Drink Can
"Ancient Relic"x3 Energy Drink Cans
Electrical Cordx1 Super Detergent

Where To Find Every Energy Drink Can

There are a total of four viable Energy Drink Cans in the Slums, and they are all found in working vending machines. Some of these machines are very easy to find, whereas others are sneakily hidden. We’ve got you covered though.

First Energy Drink Can

You can grab this one immediately. If you head back to the main plaza, and then continue down the stairs towards a robot holding a guitar, you can see a glowing vending machine. Walk up to it, interact with it, and collect your can.

Second Energy Drink Can

Return to the main plaza, and face the bulk of the Slums. You will see several paths you can take. Straight ahead will lead to Duffer Bar, to the left, you will circle the entire slums, and on your right, you will see a sign for Super Detergent (remember this, we will be coming back to this later).

Take the right path and follow it to the front of the store. Keep running forward until you reach some stairs. Climb the stairs, and to your left, you will see a glowing vending machine. Interact with it and nab your prize.

Third Energy Drink Can

This one is a little trickier, but you should bump into it just whilst completing the main quest. Climb to the rooftops and make your way towards Doc’s Library. You will see the vending machine just under Doc’s place. Interact with it, and you are good to go.

Fourth Energy Drink Can

This final vending machine is easily missed. It is very well hidden, and you can’t see it from most places. Once you have grabbed the third can, however, all you have to do is look to your right and then down. You will see a vending machine hidden on a balcony. Jump down and grab the final can.

How To Get The Super Detergent

To find the Super Detergent, go to the store with the Super Detergent poster from earlier. You can find it from the Slums’ main plaza. The door is locked and it won’t open, however. To get it open, you need to make a mess. If you look directly up, you will see two robots throwing paint cans.

Climb onto the roof of the shop, and talk to the robot throwing the paint. You will get a prompt to interact with him. When he is about to throw his paint can, meow at him, and he will drop the paint, making a mess outside the store.

This causes the owner to come out and start cleaning – and she also leaves her door open. Walk into the store, take a quick left and climb onto the windowsill. The Super Detergent is right in front of you.

What Is The “Ancient Relic”

The mysterious “Ancient Relic” can be bought for three cans, but Barterman hides what it really is. Turns out the relic is actually a painting of a robot. This also just so happens to be a memory for B-12. This is required if you want to complete B-12’s game-long side quest.

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