Street Fighter V: Champion Edition has every fighter and costume for £25

In what may be one of the best value releases ever, Capcom is offering almost everything ever created for Street Fighter V in one package.

The latest NPD sales results from America revealed a surprising fact, that October was the most successful month ever for fighting games in the whole of video game history.

That’s primarily thanks to Mortal Kombat 11 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate though, with Street Fighter V never quite getting over its fumbled launch.

The Arcade Edition in 2018 acted as a semi-relaunch for the game and now there’s a new version called the Champion Edition, that includes not only every fighter, including all the DLC ones, but also all the stages and costumes.

There are a few exceptions, such as Capcom Pro Tour DLC, Fighting Chance costumes, and collaborations with other brands but you get all the regular stuff in one package for a staggeringly low £25 – or just £20 if you’re an existing player looking to upgrade.

That means Street Fighter V: Champion Edition includes 40 fighters (including Gill, who won’t be released until next month), 34 stages, and over 200 costumes.

The only downside is that the Champion Edition won’t be out until 14 February on PlayStation 4 and PC, so don’t expect to find it in your Christmas stocking.

When Street Fighter V first launched there was a lot of talk from Capcom of it lasting the whole generation, but with the PlayStation 5 due out next year that inevitably leads to the question of whether Street Fighter VI is being readied to replace it.

As recently as this summer Capcom was denying it had any plans for a new game, but that’s obviously not going to be the case forever.

There’s also the question of whether Street Fighter VI would still be a PlayStation 4 console exclusive, but until Capcom make an announcement it’s anyone’s guess.

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