Super People: 5 Beginner’s Tips

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  • Loot, Loot, Loot
  • Experiment With Different Classes
  • Level Up With Super Capsules
  • Be On The Lookout For Gold And Supply Drops
  • Explore Wisely

Super People, a free-to-play battle royale with hero shooter elements, launched in early access after some beta tests in 2022. There’s much familiar about this title, but it differs with its levelling system, range of classes to pick from, and plus increased randomisation compared to the genre's mainstays.

If you’re new to battle royales and want something fresh to try as everyone jumps in, or you’re experienced but looking for something different, here’s the lowdown on what makes Super People stand out, and some tips to get you started.

Loot, Loot, Loot

In case you’re completely new to battle royales, loot’s the name of the game, and Super People is no exception. After you’re thrown into the map, you’ll need to explore and find your own weapons, armour, and items to have a chance at surviving long. Look inside houses and around other unique structures and you’re bound to find stuff quickly. Though be warned, a completely empty building or open doors may indicate another player has already looted it, and they might still be nearby.

You can switch between first and third-person perspectives at will — just press V. Tapping RMB will also quickly switch for aiming.

Super People’s pretty grounded in terms of setting and equipment, so if you’ve played any other modern military shooter, you’ll likely recognise some of the weapons available. Equipment such as backpacks and armour have different tiers of quality — higher-level backpacks will give you more inventory space, and higher-level armour will be more effective.

Experiment With Different Classes

Super People has over ten different classes. Each has its own unique abilities, including a powerful ultimate skill. It’s a good idea to try out each one and see what fits your playstyle. This will also help you get used to what other players might attack you with.

The kicker here is that you don’t get to choose your class at the beginning of each match. It’s randomised, so your abilities are going to be different every time. This can make it hard to become an expert in any one class quickly, but at least you’ll become familiar with the different options. You only get to choose a specific one by coughing up Gold, an in-game currency you earn during matches. You’ll get some free class change tickets to start off with, and more over time, but only so many before you’ll need gold if you play a lot.

When you're given a new ability, test it out while you can to get used to the classes quicker.

Alternatively, before you jump into real matches, Super People has a Training Ground mode in which you can test every class and ability freely, as well as weapons and equipment. It’s a great place to start and figure out your preferred loadouts.

Level Up With Super Capsules

Super People’s class system is given further depth through levelling. Throughout the match, you’ll level up and unlock more of your class’ unique abilities (such as a new weapon or movement options). Each ability also has levels, up to Lvl. 3. The ability tree is separated into red, green, and blue branches in the bottom right corner of the screen during a match, and the order in which you unlock abilities is also randomised (aside from your ultimate, which you'll get at a certain level stated at the beginning of the match).

Each match will also randomise your favoured weapon – one of your red abilities will increase damage with it.

You’ll naturally level up by getting kills and surviving certain periods of time, but you can speed up the process by looting super capsules. There are a few different types, which are mostly self-explanatory; red capsules will level up a red ability, for example. There are also white and gold capsules that will grant multiple ability levels at once.

If you can find them, energy bars will also give you a temporary boost to damage, defence, or speed.

Be On The Lookout For Gold And Supply Drops

Super People’s in-game currency comes in the form of Gold, and like other generic items, it’s looted around the map (though in fairly small quantities, like 15 or 50). Gold carries over between matches and is tied to your account, so you’ll want to scoop it up whenever you can. The same goes for blueprints, which can be used between matches to craft weapons with unique qualities (in the armoury menu).

Like in other battle royales, mid-match you’ll randomly be alerted to a supply drop happening. However, alongside traditional drops for everyone to fight over, there is also a supply chest personalised for you, which will always spawn nearby at some point during the match. You can customise what you'll get inside, between super capsules, armour, healing items, and more — which is where Gold comes in.

You’ll need to use Gold to get your custom supply drop loadout, and the price will differ depending on what you’ve chosen (though, again, you'll get some free tickets to start with). You’ll also need Gold for weapon crafting and character skins.

Explore Wisely

Super People’s map is called Orb Island, and like other battle royale maps, it's a mixture of dense urban areas and more open spaces. Either comes with its own challenges – an area with lots of buildings is likely to have plenty of good loot, but also other players scavenging for it. A more open area might be less populated, but will also have much less in the way of cover and places to hide should you encounter enemies. Figuring out where you’re being shot from is also much harder in the middle of nowhere.

Think carefully about where you choose to explore, and consider factors like the location of the circle, how many players remain, and whether your class and the equipment you have on hand are suited for your environment.

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