Super Sonic Confirmed For Sonic Frontiers

If you were a little peeved that people watching this week's Nintendo Direct in Japan got a fresh look at Sonic Frontiers and you didn't, time to move past it. A new trailer for the game just dropped as a part of this week's Tokyo Game Show and it has confirmed Super Sonic will be in the game.

Sonic Frontiers' launch is now less than two months away and with God Of War Ragnarok, which launches a day later, hype being cranked to the max on Tuesday, it's time for Sega to do the same. PlayStation shared the latest trailer for Frontiers today and almost all of it focuses on the blue blur as he attempts to retrieve a purple Chaos Emerald from the top of a giant mech, or a titanic enemy as it's referred to in the trailer.

The emerald Sonic successfully retrieves in the trailer is clearly the last of the seven he needs to track down. Once the hedgehog gets his hands on it (wait, do hedgehogs have hands or paws?) the other six appear and float around our hero. That quickly leads the Chaos Emeralds to do what they do best, aside from cause trouble. Turn Sonic into Super Sonic.

A number of reveals, whether leaked or official, have been made about Frontiers, but this is the first time Sega has revealed Sonic will have the ability to become Super Sonic in the game. Any title where the protagonist is tasked with chasing down emeralds comes with the implication that Super Sonic can be a part of the festivities, of course, but officially seeing the transformation happen in a trailer is always very cool to see.

Just because Super Sonic is in Frontiers doesn't mean the overpowered yellow version of the hedgehog is integral to the story, though. As has been the case since the very first Sonic games, finding all seven emeralds and making the rest of your journey significantly easier by turning super at the drop of a hat might be an added extra should you put the work in. Big the Cat's impact on Frotniers' story also remains unclear. For now, his only revealed role is teaching Sonic how to fish.

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