SYNCED: Off-Planet Gets New Trailer After Game Awards Premiere

SYNCED is an upcoming competitive shooter with magic-like nanotech golems, a futuristic insight into arcane arts in a technological world. It debuted at The Game Awards along with many others in the middle of the three-hour runtime, but now it has a whole new trailer to flash its wings. It's called a 'companion shooter' with the idea being to synchronize defeated Nanos (other enemy teams) to enhance your companion classes with new abilities and modifiers. Each fight won betters you for the next.

It's set to launch sometime next year, coming from developer NEXT Studios who also worked on Crown Trick, Biped, Unheard, and Death Coming. Currently, it's only set to arrive on PC with pre-orders live on Steam, but who knows what the future might hold? It does boast full controller support, after all. You can watch the trailer below.

The trailer opens with a distorted, futuristic world in ruin. A people carrier lies rotting with black, technological fungus coating it. It's a tad gloomy with a dilapidated forest making up the background, but it sets the scene for the zombie-like scavengers also made up of this nanotech. The protagonist walks in and we see a giant, glowing, spiky arm on their right which fades away, summoning their companion. While it appears third-person, we get a glimpse at first later on.

They then whip out an assault rifle and go to town, doling out damage with their bud in tow – it's a touch cinematic, but it shows what we can expect from the game. It seems to be a buddy-type system where you can throw right hooks and fill enemies with lead, controlling nanotech on a whim.

The first companion we see is a hulking bruiser called the Crusher who goes to town, smashing up the husks with ease. Then we get to see the slicker 'seer' whose speciality is 'pest control'. They're followed by Guardian, another tanky companion – this time with a shield. Finally, the Suppressor arrives on the scene with a hand cannon that hurls fireballs. All should make up for an interesting roster of synergised fighters.

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