Tactical Tokens Offer An Easy Way To Throw Skeleton Armies At Your D&D Party

One day, when we return to playing Dungeons & Dragons and other TTRPGs in person, DMs will need armies. A skilled Dungeon Master can set a scene with words, describing how the rogue grabbing a cursed sword summons a mass of skeletons from the ground. But there’s also something to be said for dropping a bunch of skeletons on the table, and that’s where Tactical Tokens has us covered.

Tactical Tokens prints and sells inexpensive plastic tokens that can be used in all board games, but have a special use for TTRPGs. That’s because, unlike the stock tokens you can get from Amazon, Tactical Tokens are made to be dry erase compatible. DMs can mark who is Skeleton #1 and who is Skeleton #34, as well as keep track of conditions like prone. They’re also cheaper than mini figures, and easier to store in bulk.

For those wanting a bit more design in their tokens, Tactical Tokens just introduced Tactical Drops. The first of these have printed images of common fantasy enemies – bandits, skeletons, orcs, zombies, and goblins. Each costs $1, and you can buy as many as you’d like of any design. But be warned – Tactical Tokens needs to sell 100 of each design to justify the cost of printing. So if you want to arm yourself with an army of foes, tell your friends.

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