Tactics Ogre: Reborn – Chapter 2 Law Route Walkthrough

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  • Story Battle: Balmamusa
  • Story Battle: Xeod Moors
  • Story Battle: Rhea Boum Aqueduct
  • Optional Battle: The Reisan Way
  • Story Battle: Port Asyton 1
  • Story Battle: Port Asyton 2
  • Story Battle: Qadriga Fortress
  • Story Battle: Tynemouth Hill
  • Story Battle: The Golborza Plain
  • Story Battle: The Arkhaiopolis Of Rhime
  • Story Battle: Almorica Castle

You'll get this version of Chapter 2 of Tactics Ogre: Reborn if you decided to go along with the duke's plan at the end of the first chapter. Things start heating up on the Walister front and internal strife starts to complicate things.

You get quite a few new toys to play with in this chapter, including an optional dungeon, crafting, and some advanced classes. Unfortunately, the enemies get new toys too, and you'll be up against new monsters and nasty bosses.

If you're looking for the Chaos route's walkthrough, check here instead!

Story Battle: Balmamusa

Enemies2x Warrior, 2x Wizard, 3x Archer, 1x Knight, 1x Valkyrie
Deployment10 Units
Victory ConditionsDefeat all enemies
Bonus ObjectivesPerform an attack with 100% accuracyEXP +500
Obtain a buff cardExperience Charm II x5
Difficulty★☆☆☆☆ (1/5)

Chapter 2 thrusts you directly into a fight. Luckily, it's an easy one.

  • In terms of threatening units, it might be helpful to take down the Enchantress before the Wizard, as she has better spells. In addition, the Knight likes to block up your route to the top of the map with Rampart Aura, but he's more a nuisance than a threat.
  • Overall, you shouldn't have too much trouble here. If you want more Winged on your team, two of the Archers are Winged and can be recruited with the Recruit skill, which your Knights and Clerics have.

On completion, you'll be kicked to the world map with only one route to explore. You might want to take this time to Train up a bit – your Union Level is now Lv. 14, after all. Hold off on any large equipment purchases at the moment – the shop will upgrade very soon.

Head to the Xeod Moors for the next battle.

Story Battle: Xeod Moors

EnemiesLeader: Garba (Wizard)
3x Berserker, 2x Archer, 1x Terror Knight, 1x Rune Fencer, 1x Warrior, 1x Gryphon
Deployment10 Units
Victory ConditionsDefeat Garba
Bonus ObjectivesWin with an Archer in the partyEXP +500
Obtain a buff cardAir Charm x1
Perform an attack with 100% accuracyFire Snake x1
Difficulty★★★☆☆ (3/5)

After a slew of pretty easy battles, this fight may serve as a bit of a wakeup call.

  • Garba is a very fragile leader who falls easily, but there are a number of very bulky enemies here who you'll want to take down as soon as possible, lest they ruin your day before you can reach him.
  • The Berserkers don't have their dangerous Berserk skill yet, but they're still tough enemies to deal with. They have much lower Magic Resist than Physical Resist, so focus your magical attacks there.
  • The Gryphon is a nasty beast to go up against – Numbing Hook hits very hard, and Stun Breath hits more than one tile – try to keep your units spread apart until you take the Gryphon down. It should be your first priority.
  • The Lizardman Warrior has the Mighty Impact skill, something you're likely aware is very powerful. Take him down quickly to avoid any critical upsets.

This fight is good at making you focus on threats before mopping up the rest. As long as you deal with the Gryphon and Warrior quickly, you shouldn't have too much trouble. Remember, you can always make a beeline for the Wizard once the main threats are dealt with.

The shop will upgrade after this battle. Notable upgrades include the Shamshir sword and the Bowgun crossbow. Additionally, you can now buy Classmarks for the Knight, Terror Knight, Berserker, and Beast Tamer classes. The first three make for good alternatives for Denam, and having a Beast Tamer around is a good idea too – they can recruit monsters and dragons, which make for fantastic allies.

In addition, you'll unlock Crafting and can start buying recipes. Crafted weapons and armor are almost always the best options for the majority of the game, so you should be prioritizing these for your heaviest hitters and frontline units.

Story Battle: Rhea Boum Aqueduct

EnemiesLeader: Josephine (Cleric)
2x Archer, 2x Warrior, 2x Beast Tamer, 2x Octopus, 1x Wizard
Deployment10 Units
Victory ConditionsDefeat Josephine
Bonus ObjectivesPerform an attack with 100% accuracyEXP +500
Obtain a buff cardExperience Charm II x5
Perform an action to debuff an enemyEarth Charm x1
Difficulty★★★☆☆ (3/5)

This fight can be quite tricky – you're dealing with rough platforming and bulky, powerful Octopuses.

  • The Octopuses are annoying enemies to work around. They hit hard and have both physical and magical ranged attacks that they love unloading on your squishy mages. They also have mastery of the water, which very few of your units can match at this point. They are, however, weak to Lightning magic, so use that to your advantage if you can.
    • Consider recruiting one with a Beast Tamer! They're fantastic tanks and can make all the difference on maps with water (and maps without water thanks to Aquaveil).
  • Most of your foes are quite squishy – Archers, Wizards, and Rune Fencers with spells will have a field day here. Physical attackers, on the other hand, might falter a bit.
  • Spear-wielders can take advantage of the cramped spaces to attack two enemies at once.
  • The enemy Beast Tamers can empower the Octopuses and heal allies with their lobbed Mend Leaves – this makes them very high-priority targets. An empowered Octopus packs one hell of a punch.
    • The female Beast Tamer is equipped with a Stundart Blowgun. This is a neat weapon that you cannot get yet – try recruiting her to get it for yourself!
    • You might need a lot of healing in this fight, but once the key enemies are taken out, it's an easy battle to mop up.

      Once you win the battle, do not immediately go to Port Asyton. In the Warren Report, read the Talk topic entitled Ravness Loxaerion Captured. This will open up an optional battle that you'll need to complete if you want to recruit Ravness. Even if you don't want to recruit her, it's a good source of experience.

      Optional Battle: The Reisan Way

      EnemiesLeader: Alfred (Knight)
      3x Warrior, 3x Archer, 2x Wizard, 1x Cleric, 1x Knight
      Deployment10 Units
      GuestsCatiua, Ravness
      Victory ConditionsDefeat Alfred
      Bonus Objectives
      Win with a Cleric in the battle partyEXP +500
      Perform an action to restore an ally's HPAir Charm x1
      Difficulty★★★★☆ (4/5)

      If you want to recruit Ravness later, she must survive the battle.

      Luckily, this time, Ravness is on the same side as you. Unluckily, there are quite a lot of enemies to take down.

      • Alfred is a very bulky Knight, you'll likely have to deal with most, if not all of the generic foes before you take him out.
      • Ravness is a good ally – she can heal herself and has a Finishing Move. That said, she starts out much closer to the enemy pack than the rest of your army, so you'll want to be ready with healing options just in case. Good options are Clerics that start in the front row of the battle formation and Beast Tamers with healing items and the Lobber skill.
      • Alfred is your first opponent with a Finishing Move of his own. This can easily smack down a dented unit, so be ready with a Blessing Stone or two equipped.
      • This is when enemy Clerics start using Major Heal, which is a Major Pain. Take her out quickly, followed by the annoying Wizards. After this, clearing up the physical enemies shouldn't be too difficult.

      As long as you keep up on your healing and deal with the Wizards quickly, Ravness shouldn't have any problems staying alive. She doesn't join quite yet, but you're one step closer!

      Story Battle: Port Asyton 1

      EnemiesLeader: Nadia (Cleric)
      3x Clay Golem, 2x Warrior, 2x Wizard, 1x Berserker, 1x Archer
      Deployment10 Units
      Victory ConditionsDefeat Nadia
      Bonus Objectives
      Win with a Wizard or Enchantress in the battle partyEXP +500
      Win with an Archer in the battle partyFire Charm x1
      Obtain a buff cardBaldur Axe x1
      Difficulty★★☆☆☆ (2/5)

      This is your first battle against the incredibly annoying Golems. These are like souped-up Knights – tons of HP, Rampart Aura, and some ranged attacks that pack a punch. There are three Golems here, and they'll block up each of the three routes down to the lower level where the squishy leader is hiding out.

      • Winged like Canopus are great here. They can fly over the Golems' Rampart Aura and snipe enemies from rooftops if they have ranged attacks. If you want to get this battle over with as soon as possible, a few Winged zooming over to take out the leader Cleric as soon as possible is a great strategy.
      • Magic makes a good dent in Golems, as do Finishing Moves. Save your MP for dealing with these bulky annoyances, then mop up the rest.
        • This is a good opportunity to recruit a Golem if you feel so inclined. It's a chill battle with plenty of chances to recruit.
      • Enemy spellcasters start packing the second-level missile spells from this point onwards – keep an eye on your units with low Magic Resist, as they'll be prime targets and the enemy AI loves to thread missiles through units just to reach them.
      • The Berserker doesn't have Berserk, but will love to set up Pincer Attacks with his Golem buddies. If you have the opportunity to take him out with a handy Finishing Move, this isn't a bad idea.
      • You start out at a height advantage, which makes bows great. Remember that you can shoot outside of the game's predetermined range with bows as long as the target trajectory display hits an enemy. You cannot do this with crossbows and spells.
      • This battle can take a long while, thanks to the leader's healing magic and the Golems' sacks of HP, but it's not particularly difficult. Just persevere and hope that your healing stacks up better than theirs.

        While you should be saving the game after every victory, you should make doubly sure to save the game after this one – the next battle occurs the moment you try to move out of Port Asyton.

        Story Battle: Port Asyton 2

        EnemiesLeader: Arycelle (Archer)
        2x Knight, 2x Archer, 2x Berserker, 1x Warrior, 1x Wizard, 1x Cleric
        Deployment10 Units
        Victory ConditionsDefeat Arycelle
        Bonus Objectives
        Perform an attack with 100% accuracyEXP +500
        Obtain a buff cardDark Charm x1
        Difficulty★★★★☆ (4/5)

        This time, you're at the bottom of Port Asyton and your foes are at the top. If you abused Archers in the last battle, you'll know exactly how you'll be set upon in this one.

        • Winged are still great for moving around in this battlefield, but the enemy packs a lot more firepower here. Try not to move them too far too quickly, or they'll get reamed by the ranged opponents.
        • The two Knights will block up the middle of the field handily – try sending a few units to the sides to surround them – it'll be very useful to take them out quickly so your team has freedom of movement.
        • Arycelle is a very threatening boss. She has Tremendous Shot and a Finishing Move, and they'll deal a huge amount of damage. Pack plenty of healing items to deal with these attacks quickly.
        • This is a good battle to go slow and steady. Turtling up will help you survive the onslaught – just be sure you have enough healing to outweigh the Archers' barrage.
        • Wizards with indirect attacks and Archers with bows are good to have here. You won't be able to reliably hit your targets with crossbows and missile spells, so indirect attacks win out. This doesn't apply to Winged, who can easily get to rooftops.

        You only have to reduce Arycelle to critical damage to make her flee and win the fight. Don't worry about killing her and preventing any chance of recruiting her – she'll always flee.

        With that battle complete, your Union Level increases to Lv. 17, and you unlock a sea route to Qadriga Fortress.

        Story Battle: Qadriga Fortress

        EnemiesLeader: Darza (Berserker)
        3x Warrior, 2x Wizard, 1x Berserker, 1x Archer, 1x Rune Fencer, 1x Cyclops
        Deployment10 Units
        GuestsCatiua, Xapan
        Victory ConditionsDefeat Darza
        Bonus Objectives
        Perform an attack with 100% accuracyEXP +500
        Perform an action to restore an ally's HPWater Charm x1
        Obtain a buff cardMax HP Charm x3
        Difficulty★★★★☆ (4/5)

        If Xapan survives this battle, he will join your party at the end of the fight!

        The difficulty in this fight stems from keeping Xapan alive to recruit him. If you don't want Xapan, it's not that tough a battle – but you should want him; he's a fantastic physical powerhouse.

        • The best healers for Xapan will be Beast Tamers with healing items and Lobber, and Clerics. Use the Scout function to see which part of your battle formation will be closest to Xapan and place them in that corner.
          • In addition, you might want to put mages in your front lines to temporarily distract foes away from Xapan – they'll prioritize those with lower defenses. This is a risky maneuver and can be costly on healing items, however.
        • The Cyclops is a threatening-looking monster with a ton of HP, but it's not that bad in reality. It has low defenses and falls to a few Finishing Moves. Take it out quickly, as its ability to Hobble surrounding allies can make getting to Xapan in time a chore, and it has powerful magic attacks.
        • Don't be afraid to use the Chariot function to turn back time if Xapan takes any critical hits or nasty Finishing Moves from Darza – you can refine your strategy and maybe save him with good luck.
        • Apart from Darza, the biggest threats on the enemy side are the other Berserker and the Winged Rune Fencer, who has a nasty habit of sniping low-health units and healing the low-health units on his side. Take them out as soon as it's sensible to do so.
        • When taking on Darza (and, indeed, any other Berserkers with the Berserk skill), try to keep your units spread out. When Berserk triggers, a unit's next attack will hit five tiles instead of one.
          • If a unit has the Berserk skill activated and ready to go but doesn't spend it on their turn, you can make them waste it by forcing a counterattack. If you can do this with a bulky unit like a Knight, you can severely reduce how threatening they are – this is a situational strategy, however.
          • The Wizard here is an Orc, a new race. You won't be able to recruit Orcs until you gain access to the Lich, which is an endgame class.

            If you can complete this fight without letting Xapan fall, he'll join you if you say you want him around. Keep him equipped with Axes and load him up with healing items – he's a great frontliner, and you'll want him to get surrounded, as long as Berserk triggers.

            You'll have access to Krysaro now to Shop and Train, and your next battle is Tynemouth Hill.

            Story Battle: Tynemouth Hill

            EnemiesLeader: Wynoa (Cleric), Gatialo (Terror Knight)
            8x Cleric, 2x Archer
            Deployment10 Units
            Victory ConditionsDefeat Wynoa

            Defeat Gatialo (if you beat Wynoa before he escapes)

            Bonus Objectives
            Perform an attack with 100% accuracyEXP +500
            Obtain a buff cardExperience Charm II x 5
            Perform an attack that strikes multiple timesPetriburst x1
            Difficulty★☆☆☆☆ (1/5) if you don't go for Gatialo

            ★★★★★ (5/5) if you go for Gatialo

            As you can see above, the difficulty of this battle depends entirely on whether or not you decide to go for Gatialo. He is a Terror Knight with a far higher level than you've encountered so far, very high defenses, and very powerful attacks. Normally, he will spend all of his turns trying to escape the battle, only stopping to attack you if your units are in range when he ends a turn.

            If you defeat Wynoa before he escapes the fight, he will stick around and become the new target. If you defeat Gatialo here, you won't have to fight him in Chapter 3, and you'll get a title for doing so.

            • Defeating Wynoa that quickly is a difficult task in itself. She's very far away from your starting location and is surrounded by Clerics who can (and will) heal her. Save MP for Finishing Moves to use on her and consider wasting some of Gatialo's time with Knights and their Rampart Aura.
            • If you don't go for Gatialo or he escapes, this fight is very easy – the Clerics don't do much damage at all, and the Archers are swiftly dealt with.
            • The Clerics are all equipped with Caldias. These fans have a chance to inflict Charm on hit, which can upset your plans – give your Clerics Awaken to deal with this annoying status effect.
            • If you manage to beat Wynoa before he escapes, Gatialo will become aggressive and start going after your units. You'll need to defeat the rest of the Clerics before trying to beat him, as they'll just heal whatever damage you can inflict on him.
            • Dealing with Gatialo basically requires that you use strong physical Finishing Moves – Piercing and magic attacks barely scratch him, so make sure you have a range of damage sources. Keep your healing up to avoid getting one-shot by his Finishing Moves, and you should be okay. Surround him for the best results.
              • Be wary of the Frightened status effect – this reduces your damage output and your defenses.

              Regardless of how you deal with the fight, you'll be presented with Almorica Castle as your next destination.

              Before heading there, though, open up the Warren Report and read the Phorampa Open to Hunting Talk topic to unlock this optional dungeon.

              You can take on this dungeon for experience, crafting materials, and the chance to recruit rare units, such as Dragons, Faeries, and advanced classes such as Ninjas and Swordmasters a bit earlier than you'd normally get them.

              After visiting Almorica Castle and viewing the scenes here, your next destination will be Phidoch. However, you'll get an encounter on the way.

              Story Battle: The Golborza Plain

              EnemiesLeader: Gousin (Ninja)
              3x Warrior, 3x Rogue, 1x Knight, 1x Archer, 1x Cleric, 1x Familiar
              Deployment10 Units
              Victory ConditionsDefeat Gousin
              Bonus Objectives
              Win with an Archer in the battle partyEXP +500
              Obtain a buff cardResistance Charm x 3
              Use a recruit skillBaldur Sword x1
              Difficulty★★★☆☆ (3/5)

              You've got quite a few new units to deal with here, so don't stop paying attention.

              • The Rogues here are fast and have strong healing items that they'll use with impunity. Luckily, they're fragile – take them down quickly to halt any annoyances they cause. One of the Rogues is a Gremlin – it's even more fragile than usual.
              • The Faerie is of the Familiar class – this class is a good ranger with decent magical options and the ability to inflict and heal some status effects – consider getting one. They can be very useful.
              • Gousin is a Ninja with two swords – his physical attacks can be brutal, and he will snipe low-health units with Wind Dervish. If you can get to him quickly, though, you'll find him a very fragile leader when compared to the likes of Gatialo.
              • Thanks to the healers on the right side of the map, that area will be a tough one to whittle down – focus on the left side of the river first to try and eliminate units before the healers can get there to ruin your day.
              • The Lizardman Warrior has a two-handed sword and Mighty Impact – be wary of him.

              Overall, it's not too tough a battle, though you'll be dealing with five different units with healing capabilities – that'll slow things down.

              Enter Rhime, and you'll witness a few scenes.

              When you're back on the world map, the shops will update: you can now purchase katanas, and the Baldur Sword is available if you missed it from previous battle rewards. Similarly, you can grab the Petriburst spell, too.

              When you try to leave Rhime, you'll be attacked by a familiar face.

              Story Battle: The Arkhaiopolis Of Rhime

              EnemiesLeader: Vyce (Ranger)
              Arycelle (Archer), 2x Archer, 2x Cleric, 2x Rune Fencer, 2x Knight, 1x Wizard
              Deployment10 Units
              Victory ConditionsDefeat Vyce
              Bonus Objectives
              Perform an action to restore an ally's HPEXP +500
              Obtain a buff cardExperience Charm II x 3
              Perform an action to debuff an enemyStrength Charm x1
              Difficulty★★★★☆ (4/5)

              If you want to recruit Arycelle, do not kill her in this fight!

              This is a pretty tough fight to throw at you. You're up against Vyce, Arycelle, and some nasty support units – and you're surrounded to boot.

              • Recruiting Arycelle means not killing her in this battle, which complicates things – she's a very strong unit. If you're finding the challenge too tough, do all you can to deal with Vyce asap and ignore the other enemies.
              • Vyce is in his Ranger class now, which means he can Double Attack with swords. This makes him a pretty nasty threat – try locking him down with Knights or other units with Rampart Aura to protect your squishy mages.
              • If you're lucky, the enemy Clerics will stay out of the fight – if you're unlucky, they'll move forward and start healing up the pesky, bulky frontliners. Winged units are great here, just as they were in Port Asyton, as they can hop across rooftops and snipe the Clerics down before they cause too much trouble.
              • Whoever you send to deal with Vyce, keep them healed up. His Rending Gale has a good chance of knocking out a hurt character in one shot, letting him roam free.
              • The main threats here are the two named characters – the others are largely inconsequential. Taking them out will make things easier and net you lots of experience, but is not really necessary.

              Once you beat Vyce, the battle will end. As long as you kept her alive, Arycelle will flee with him and be recruitable soon. With that done, your next target is to the south: Almorica Castle.

              Story Battle: Almorica Castle

              This is a series of stronghold battles – three of them, to be exact. Stock up on healing items before heading in and get ready for a slog.

              Stronghold Battle: The Gates Of Almorica

              EnemiesLeader: Modiliani (Sorcerer)
              2x Warlock, 2x Archer, 2x Beast Tamer, 2x Clay Golem, 1x Dark Dragon, 1x Arc Dragon
              Deployment10 Units
              Victory ConditionsDefeat Modiliani
              Bonus Objectives
              Perform an action to debuff an enemyEXP +500
              Obtain a buff cardAir Charm x1
              Use a recruit skillVitality Charm x1
              Difficulty★★★★☆ (4/5)

              You have some very nasty opponents here, including high-level magic users and some brutal dragons.

              • The four monsters are very strong opposition here and will ruin your movement with Rampart Auras. If you have Magic Leaves to hand, you might want to consider using them on your physical attackers to get Finishing Moves out early and quickly.
                • The Dark and Arc Dragons are very rare Dragons – consider trying to recruit one or both of them! Not only will they help turn the tide of this battle quickly, but it'll save you time later on if you decide to try and recruit Deneb.
              • The Warlock and Witch have powerful spells and the Empower Golem skill – if they make it to the front lines before you deal with the Golems, that skill might make it all the harder. Try to take the Golems out before they move forward enough to empower them.
              • Modiliani has very powerful spells but falls easily enough once you're able to reach him. Taking the battle slowly and whittling down the enemy force one unit at a time is a good way to deal with this fight.
                • You could snipe him with Winged units flying over the Rampart Aura monsters if you find you're having trouble with this fight, but this is a risky play.
                • With that done, it's time to move further inside the castle.

                  Stronghold Battle: Almorica Passageway 1

                  EnemiesLeader: Marino (Terror Knight)
                  4x Knight, 3x Archer, 2x Wizard, 1x Warrior, 1x Kunoichi
                  Deployment10 Units
                  Victory ConditionsMarino
                  Bonus Objectives
                  Perform an action that strikes multiple timesEXP +500
                  Win with an Archer in the battle partyFire Charm x1
                  Obtain a buff cardLightning Charm x1
                  Difficulty★★☆☆☆ (4/5)

                  Despite a large number of bulky enemies in this fight, it's not really that difficult if you take it one step at a time.

                  • While four Knights seem like a lot, their placement means you're likely to be finished dealing with the first pair before the second pair comes down to ruin your movement with their Rampart Auras. This is as long as you deal with the first Knights quickly, of course. The bottom level is wide and open enough to make it quite easy to run circles around them.
                  • Sending two physically tough units to the right to deal with the enemies there should be enough – consider putting Winged units on your right flank and sending them up to the second level directly to take them from the side.
                  • Marino likes to take advantage of Pincer Attacks and terrify your units but doesn't have many tricks up his sleeve. His Finishing Move will hit hard, but by the time it comes into play, you should have whittled down the enemy force enough to keep the momentum going in your favor.
                  • Dragons are fantastic on this battlefield and, indeed, in all indoor fights. Their Rampart Aura works as well as any Knight's, and their huge HP values keep them alive long enough to be a real pain for the enemy. Consider taking two Dragons to any fight arranged like this.

                  Once this battle is out of the way, there's only one more left of Almorica Castle and, indeed, Chapter 2 entirely. Definitely save before this one.

                  Stronghold Battle: Almorica Passageway 2

                  EnemiesLeonar (Knight)
                  Deployment1 Unit (Denam)
                  GuestsCatiua, Vyce, Arycelle (if alive)
                  Victory ConditionsDefeat Leonar
                  Bonus ObjectivesWin without any incapacitated units
                  Difficulty★★★★★ (5/5)

                  If Arycelle dies in this fight, she will die for real and not join you in Chapter 3.

                  Thanks to how Tactics Ogre: Reborn's battle system works, this battle will be determined largely by luck – and the tide of luck is often not in your favor.

                  There is only one enemy here, Leonar. Despite having the numbers advantage, you'll likely find this fight very difficult. Leonar begins with four buff cards already – one physical attack buff, one auto-ability buff, and two MP buffs. This means he hits harder than usual, can use a Finishing Move every other turn, and will activate Phalanx more often than not, severely reducing the damage you can deal.

                  If he gets close enough to Catiua or Arycelle on a turn that he can use Rending Gale, they're almost certainly casualties.

                  Your chance of success is determined entirely by Denam's class and tactics – Vyce deals very little damage to Leonar, and Arycelle basically nothing.

                  • Knight works well on Denam, as you can also use Phalanx to your advantage and position Rampart Aura to stop Leonar from reaching Catiua. It's also the bulkiest class, meaning better survivability.
                  • Warrior has Mighty Strike, which synergizes well with Finishing Moves – try giving Catiua MP-restoring items and she might use them on Denam, letting him get this strategy rolling quickly.
                  • Terror Knight can also work if you manage to Frighten Leonar.
                  • One of the best ways to finish Leonar off is to use Dynast-King's Mead on him – this will inflict the Breached status effect, causing him to take far more damage from physical attacks. This is the key to capitalizing on the turns he doesn't have Phalanx active – if any.

                  Hope for the best – that Leonar's Phalanx stops activating and he wastes his Rending Gale on units that survive. The battle will be decided in only a few turns.

                  With Leonar felled, that's Chapter 2 complete. If Arycelle survived this battle, congratulations, you'll acquire the best Archer in the game in the next chapter!

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