Tactics Ogre: Reborn – Complete Guide To The Phorampa Wildwood

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  • Introducing The Phorampa Wildwood
  • The First Trek: "What Is It? Dragons?"
  • The Second Trek: Inaugural Enchiridions
  • The Final Trek: Enchiridions At The Gods Above

Tactics Ogre: Reborn puts players on a linear path through battles like an old-school Fire Emblem — until the Phorampa Wildwood is unlocked, at which point an optional dungeon becomes yours to explore. As its name implies, Phorampa's filled with trees, though you'll come upon some reasonable landscape diversity before the end.

It isn't immediately clear why you should concern yourself with the place, but it's a treasure trove for crafting materials, especially numerous fully-unique crafting recipes called Enchiridions. Don't underestimate their worth; Enchiridions are key to obtaining some of the most powerful gear in the game.

Introducing The Phorampa Wildwood

The Phorampa Wildwood is unlocked relatively early into Tactics Ogre: Reborn. It shares this distinction with no other optional location; the vast majority of the game's off-the-beaten-path fare is not available until Chapter Four. Instead of keeping us waiting for such a long time, the Wildwood takes a different tack: this dungeon's stages are unlocked chapter by chapter, with only the first handful in Chapter Two.

It might be worth wondering, then, whether there's much point in visiting the place so soon. We're of two minds on this. On one hand, none of the crafting receipe Enchiridions can be found until the second batch of maps, in Chapter Three. On the other hand, you can find and recruit several types of Dragon as early as the first batch.

Plus, with the way Tactics Ogre: Reborn has entirely done away with 'random encounters' in favor of training battles within settlements, wouldn't it be nice to stretch your map-traversing legs a bit?

Here's how to unlock the Phorampa Wildwood: as soon as you've finished the fight in Tynemouth, check the 'Talk' section of the Warren Report. Read the relevent new topic. Voilà, now it's on the map!

The First Trek: "What Is It? Dragons?"

No, we don't think ourselves clever for subtitling this section after a Skyrim quote. Anyway, this part of the guide concerns the seven stages you can explore as soon as the Phorampa Wildwood opens up in Chapter Two. In each section, we'll make note of what to expect from the newest batch, as well as the most important places and why.

Adventurer's GapAs your introductory map, this place is a cinch. Consider coming here to grind later on, however, if you're interested in raising your Galgastani Chaos Frame to recruit Cressida on the Chaos Route.
Snowmelt StreamIf you tire of 'Adventurer's Gap' while doing the above, feel free to mix it up with this equally simple fight.
Phorampa's DoorstepVery little of note here, as is customary of many of these initial stages. Bring Archers and spellcasters.
The Howling HillsJust another casual bash.
Fields of Fallen ShadowHere's the big one for Chapter Two, and since you'll need to go through these stages again in subsequent runs, the one bright side to retreading old ground. Most types of Dragon spawn here. Since the exact enemy makeup will differ each time, you can probably just reload until you get the ones you want. If you weren't aware, Dragons make some of the best tanks in Tactics Ogre. Furthermore, you'll need one of each to recruit the Deneb character in Chapter Four.
Untrodden MarshYou'll start bumping into decent amounts of undead here, so bring along a Cleric or two with Exorcism as well as undead-sending Grimoires.
The Feral ShoreIt's basically 'Untrodden Marsh', but slightly more challenging. There's more space for ranged strikes, however, so you might coast through it more rapidly.

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The Second Trek: Inaugural Enchiridions

These four stages unlock in Chapter Three. To reach them, you must make your way through some earlier stages — the new maps branch out from 'Fields of Fallen Shadow', which is rather perfect since that's the only map worth returning to, anyway.

Always keep in mind that rare drops are never guaranteed. Hence, it can be a grind trying to find the Enchiridions you need. Alternatively, you might just get terribly lucky and strike gold fairly swiftly.

Gunagua HeadwaterPer the PSP version of Tactics Ogre, the Spear Enchiridion can drop from a Rune Fencer. This information does not seem to have changed with any Enchiridions, but we'll amend this guide if anything does differ. If you don't see a Rune Fencer in the battle lineup, reload and hope that's changed, but they're fairly common here.
Whispers of Leaf and WaterA human Beast Tamer here has a chance of dropping the Axe Enchiridion.
Lie Down In Green PasturesA human Ninja will sometimes leave behind the 1H Katana Enchiridion. Not far away, you can also grab…
The FrostfenThe 2H Katana Enchiridion can be acquired by a Swordmaster. This is a rough fight, though. There's a natural spot midway down where you can build a defensive bulwark with tanky units, but there will typically more foes here than allies, even with the ten-unit allowance. It's not so much a battle of attrition, per se, but you'll likely need to hang tight for a bit, enduring the enemy's spells, until there's a chance to strike back in full.

The Final Trek: Enchiridions At The Gods Above

There's no shame in waiting until now to tackle many of the previous stages as well. If time is of the essence for you, as it is for so many of us, it's an easier ask with all the same rewards and more.

Scenic KnollThe Whip Enchiridion (which happens to be the first one we found) can drop from another Beast Tamer here. This map's a flip of 'The Howling Hills', but with even more Dragons than 'Fields of Fallen Shadow'. When you come here in Chapter Four, consider both stages your Dragon-taming grounds!
Heart of the Wildwood'Scenic Knoll' branches into this stage on one side and the remaining two on the other. Fist Enchiridion is your hopeful prize, from a human Warrior unit. 'Heart of the Wildwood' is 'Phorampa's Doorstep' reimagined, this time almost as hard as that one is easy. A ton of enemies are here, and they'll come at you from at least three sections, sometimes four or even five. Some are undead, though many aren't, so if you're relying more on healing items than Clerics, prepare for one of your slots to feel a little lackluster by comparison.
Land of the SupplicantThe goods keep on coming, at least for fortunate sorts. The 2H Sword Enchiridion is here… though we've not yet found it, ourselves. Credit where credit is due: numerous individuals through the years have stated you can obtain it from a Terror Knight in the PSP port.
Wonder at the Gods AboveAt last, the Phorampa Wildwood comes to an end, but with such a cool map, right? That huge, gaping hole in the center is daunting, but it also means that, if you have any units who wield shields, you can knock any enemies fool enough to stand at the edge (and there will be) straight into the abyss. Just don't do that to any Archers, since the Bow Enchiridion has a chance of dropping from them.

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