Take-Two Interactive Shuts Down Fan-Made Red Dead Redemption Project

A fan project that aimed to bring Red Dead Redemption to PCs has been shut down by Take-Two Interactive after the company filed a lawsuit against the individual responsible, stating that the project would “distribute unauthorized software files that would dramatically change the content of Take-Two’s video games.”

Initially, the entire incident started when Johnathon Wyckoff – the person behind Red Dead Redemption: Damned Enhancement Project – revealed that he was working on the project back in August. Essentially, the goal of the project was to bring Red Dead Redemption over to PC but with enhanced graphics, better audio, and all of the DLCs bundled into the game. Since the original Read Dead Redemption was never released for  PC , the project would allow players to finally experience the game.

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In a series of rather unfortunate events, however, the project came to an immediate halt in September when Wyckoff made a post saying how he was “a bit depressed and upset.” He also hinted at what caused the project to end — the possibility of a lawsuit or a C&D. Fast forward to December, and Wyckoff has officially confirmed that the project has been cancelled and shut down.

It would seem that Wyckoff was indeed hit with a lawsuit, as he asked Take-Two Interactive to stop the lawsuit in a tweet, claiming that the company should have waited for Wyckoff to contact it. He later posted a follow-up tweet in which he said he was “in talks” with Take-two Interactive, and that he would keep everyone updated regarding the situation.

Since then, several screenshots have been posted on various forums and sites claiming Wyckoff continued work on the project. However, as Wyckoff explained in a later tweet, his work was actually a modding project and not infringement.

This isn’t the first time a corporation has gone after a fan project, however. Nintendo is infamous for shutting down numerous fan-made projects, especially those that revolve around first-party titles like Pokémon Uranium and Pixelmon, as well as websites that illegally distribute Nintendo game ROMs.

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