The 10 Best Side Quests In Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion

If you're just getting into Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion and are overwhelmed by the 300 side missions, you've come to the right place. This remake of the prequel to the beloved Final Fantasy 7 has you now playing as Zack Fair, a 1st class Solider for the Shinra Electric Power Company. In the dystopian world of Midgar, you can occasionally go on side quests that can earn you important rewards.

These rewards are not something you can just ignore. Completing side missions is crucial for making sure Zack can make it through the main quest. But certain side missions are more important than the rest, which will be explored further in this list. Each mission listed contains a group of quests, and each quest group usually has six quick missions to tackle.

10 M7-2: Precious Things

Once you have reached Chapter 4, this string of quests will be available. The reason M7-2-1 is so important is because it rewards you with the Item Fusion Tome, allowing you to partake in Materia Fusion, creating high-stat Materia by combining them. Once you complete the first mission, M7-2-2 rewards you with a keychain that allows you to equip three accessories instead of two.

Don't stop there, though. M7-2-5 upon completion rewards you with a backpack, allowing four accessories to be worn. Since Zack will be buying and acquiring a plethora of unique accessories throughout the game, this is one of the best set of missions to complete as soon as possible.

9 M8-1: Starting Out

Using powerful Summons is one of the best ways to turn the tides of the battle, which is why M8-1: Starting Out is a great set of missions to finish. You'll receive the Ifrit Materia in the first mission, the Bahamut Materia in M8-1-4, and arguably the most powerful Summon in Crisis Core Reunion in M8-1-6 called the Odin Materia.

Alongside earning a few other useful Materia, such as Thunder, HP UP, and Regen, these are not missions you should ever ignore before completing the main quests. Because of Odin's sword Zantetsuken, the Instant Death effect is applied, making it difficult for any enemy to stand against you.

8 M6-2: Midgar City Development Department

Unlocking shops is a great way to make sure you're stocked up before going on any mission. In this string of missions, Zack will be able to unlock three different shops. The first mission gives you the Sec.8 Materia Shop, M6-2-3 unlocks the Sec.5 Materia Shop, and M6-2-6 grants you the Sec.6 Accessory Shop.

Other than the 20 Elixirs and two vials of Hero Drink you can receive from these quests, the shops give you some very useful items early in the game. Talk to the City Planning Director in the entrance to the Shinra Building to unlock these quests.

7 M4-2: Behind The Scenes

This batch of missions also unlocks you a shop, which is the Wutai Secret Shop. This comes with plenty of high-level Materia and accessories that every player needs. Some notable purchases that can be made here are Hell Firaga, Hell Blizzaga and Hell Thundaga, which are like the normal Firaga and such Materia, but with the added effects of Poison, Silence, Stop, and Death.

While these Materia can be fused, they don't cost much gil in the Wutai Secret Shop. You'll also receive a few neat armlets, an AP UP++ Materia and Sprint Shoes during these missions.

6 M8-5: Anonymous Hits

M8 missions are definitely some of the best in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion. Not only can you receive Assault Twister+, VIT UP++ and SPR UP++, but you'll be rewarded with some of the most useful Materia in the game.

If you don't have the Wutai Secret Shop yet, completing M8-5-5 rewards you with a free Hell Firaga. The final mission grants you with the Bahamut Fury Materia, which is one of the most powerful Summons in the game.

5 M8-6: Yuffie's Notice

You're not quite done with the M8 missions yet. In this batch of quests, Zack is tasked with finding treasure while protecting Yuffie, one of the many characters you befriend. The first mission already rewards you with Tri-Fire, a three fireball attack Materia.

These side quests also grant you strong Materia such as Death Jump, Electrocute, Flare, and Stop Consumer. By the final mission, you're rewarded with Stop Blade (ATK+60/Mastered), which is an attacking Materia that also inflicts Stop on the enemy.

4 M10-1: Cactoid Secrets

This is a much shorter mission string, with just three quests to tackle. While this may not seem like one of the better missions, there are some important items you'll receive upon completion. Also, here is your reminder to check for chests in M10-1-3 to find Safety Bit, which prevents the Death status ailment.

The item in the first mission isn't too special, just a Muscle Belt. On the second mission, you'll receive a better item called the Champion Belt with ATK and VIT +10 that also prevents Poison. The final item is the most important, rewarded after finishing the third mission. Cactus Thorn adds 1,000 Needles to your DMW (Digital Mind Wave), which is a ferocious attack.

3 M7-6: The Accessory Craftsman

The accessories just keep getting better and better the longer the list goes on. In this last set of missions in the M7 group, you'll be rewarded with a Good Luck Charm (Luck +100), a Faerie Ring (SPR +20, keeps Regen active), a Protect Ring (SPR +20 and keeps Barrier/MBarrier active) and Mog's Amulet (LCK +5 items dropped from enemies are always rare).

The best part about this string of quests is the chance to receive the Genji Shield in M7-6-6. It's a bit complicated to find it, so follow this guide here to figure it out. The Genji set is the strongest items in the game, so keep on reading to find out what quests to follow to reward Zack with this special gear.

2 M9-5: Unknown Energy

These final quests are some of the toughest in the entire game, so be prepared to work hard for that treasure. Some important Materia granted in these missions are the Brutal Materia (sets your damage limit to 99,999), SP Barrier (decreases damage received), as well as the powerful Hellfire, Tri-Fire and Tri-Thundaga.

The Megaflare earned on the final mission isn't even the best reward. After completing M9-5-4, you'll unlock the Network Shop Shade, which allows you to buy the Genji Helm at the egregious price of one million gil. If you have the gil, you may as well spend it on the best gear.

1 M9-6: Doors To The Unknown

These final best missions will earn you nearly the full Genji set. By the first mission, you receive a Zantetsuken (MAG +60, Mastered), on the second a Super Ribbon (prevents all status ailments), and on the third and fourth the powerful Rebirth Flame (MAG +80, Mastered) and Exaflare (MAG +100, Mastered).

On mission M9-6-4 where you'll receive an Exaflare, look for a chest that contains the Genji Gloves. These will set your damage limit to 99,999, and make every attack Critical. Once you receive this, Zack is nearly unstoppable. Nearly, because the last piece, the Genji Armour, can only be obtained by maxing out your DMW.

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