The Clip Of SleepyMia Supposedly Abusing Her Dog Has Surfaced, And It Doesn’t Look Good

SleepyMia, a Twitch streamer who mainly focuses on Art and creative content, has been banned from the platform following the surfacing of a clip that implies animal abuse. In the clip, Mia becomes distracted by one of her dogs, moving away from the camera during a fit of yelps, only to return and state, “when Tank starts zooming, I have to drop whatever I’m doing to beat him up.”

It turns out that Mia was only joking, but the unfortunately timed fiasco had already stirred up trouble for the streamer. The dog she “beat up” is named Tank, a large pit-bull; The dog that was actually yelping, Cosmo, was coughing due to his collapsed trachea – completely unrelated to Mia’s actions off-camera. All-in-all, it was a misunderstanding, and one that the streamer is not happy about.

SleepyMia Banned On Twitch

Even though it seems apparent that she didn’t abuse her pets, it is pretty easy to see why the mix-up happened. The clip requires a lot of context to understand that the dogs were fine; For instance, Cosmo can be seen casually walking behind Mia only a few moments later.

SleepyMia has taken to Twitter to explain the situation, clearly frustrated from the wave of criticism that resulted from the clip’s surfacing. She has since provided context and showed clips of the dogs’ affectionate demeanor towards her, attempting to calm viewers.

This is another case that demonstrates the dicey nature of Twitch; Things can be quickly blown out of proportion without a proper account to accompany suspicious clips. Twitch has a professional responsibility to treat their partners fairly, but with over 35,000 now on the platform, it is easy to see how situations like these slip through the cracks. Mistakes like these are completely understandable, but Twitch should be ready to quickly correct them.

Partners, on the other hand, need to become more adapt to the nature of streaming culture and understand that their actions will be closely scrutinized. The best way to avoid mix-ups such as this one is to not create confusing situations that might spark outrage among viewers. It’s impossible to predict every scenario, sure, but animal abuse is one subject that streamers should steer far away from, clearly.

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