The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Debuts Friday

The next chapter of The Dark Pictures Anthology – Little Hope – comes out this Friday, just in time for Halloween. The Supermassive Games and Bandai Namco series succeeds Man of Medan, released last August. Little Hope is inspired by films like The Witch, Hellraiser, It Follows, The Omen, and Season of the Witch.

A new trailer released for the game this week showcases a new cast of characters with British actor Will Poulter in the lead role. Actor Pip Torrens will return as the Curator, the game’s narrator. For those familiar with Man of Medan, Little Hope is also played from a third-person perspective though in this case the player controls five characters trapped in a ghost town rather than on an abandoned ship.

Similar to its predecessor, players will be tasked with making choices that will alter the sequence of events. Given that the game features numerous endings, players will able to get the most out of the gameplay experience. Intended as a multiplayer game, the trailer shows how the game can be best enjoyed when playing with others.

Supermassive, which launched its horror hit Until Dawn in 2015, was met with several criticisms among fans, who felt the story was at times slow and the conclusion was disappointing. The developers of Little Hope have taken these assessments to heart and have fine-tuned the new game by creating a more surprising sequence of events and refining the game design.

Although The Dark Pictures Anthology was originally planned by the studio as a series of unconnected games that delved into varying themes and horror genres, Supermassive decided to ultimately go for a more linear narrative. Fans may be a bit disappointed that the studio’s original plan of releasing a new installment every six months fell through, but it can be expected that there will at least be a yearly installment.

Available for preorder now, Little Hope, a bargain at $30, will be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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