The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me – Cigarettes Scene Walkthrough

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  • In Charlie’s Room
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Charlie Lonnit has a lot on his plate in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me. He’s the director for Architects of Murder and is praying this new documentary series – no matter how perilous it may be – is exactly what Lonnit Entertainment needs to save itself from going under.

However, although he swore he brought cigarettes on the trip, he told Erin in the previous scene that he’s unable to find them as the group settles in. Follow along with our guide to help Charlie search the Murder Hotel for his smokes.

Our coverage of The Devil in Me offers a look at the Theatrical Cut of the game, which will be how you experience it your first time through. In The Curator's Cut or subsequent playthroughs, you may decide to make different choices that drastically change your game's story.

We've played through The Devil in Me several times in an effort to bring you the most complete walkthrough coverage we can.

This guide contains major spoilers for The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me. If this is your first time playing, we urge you to proceed at your own risk.

In Charlie’s Room

The scene begins with Charlie and Erin back in Charlie’s room, digging through his bags to make sure the cigarettes aren’t just misplaced. Erin gives Charlie a self-help book comprised of tips for managing his stress, which he throws down the hallway. She also hands him one of his own business cards, which serves as Charlie’s lockpicking inventory item for larger desk drawers where his tie clip doesn't work.

Getting back to looking for the cigarettes, when speaking to Erin about them again, Charlie can choose to be instructive in his response or desperate in the face of the situation. When Erin looks into the bag again with Charlie's prompting, she finds an eviction notice for the studio.

It doesn’t count as a clue for the game, but it emphasizes what’s on the line for Charlie and his crew with this season finale

Giving up on finding the cigarettes in the bags, Charlie can either be restrained in his response or become frustrated with the situation. Determined no matter which of those options you pick, Charlie declares that he and Erin are going to search the hotel bar before dinner.

Finding The Bar

Charlie and Erin start off towards the bar from his room. In this maze of hallways here is the first of five business cards that Du'Met has dropped. We have a full guide for how to find all five, if you’re collecting them during this playthrough.

On the right side of this walkway, sitting on a table when you get to the open atrium is your first secret for this chapter. Go down the stairs, just past the secret when you’re done reading, and listen to Erin and Charlie banter as they search the lobby. Charlie can jimmy open a drawer behind the check-in desk with his business card for a secret, and check the guest book for another.

When you’re ready to move on, go into the closed door on the far wall (the one that’s unlocked). You’ll find a locked door in the hallway here, and you notice it's locked just as someone rings the service bell back in the lobby. Go back to the check-in desk to find the key to the bar where it definitely was not sitting before.

Go back to the door that was just locked and use the key to get into the bar. Erin splits off from Charlie to search on her own, leaving Charlie alone in the bar.

Go to the right from the door to find a secret on a table in the corner, then left from the door for your next picture premonition in the other corner.

The Cigarette Machine

Speak to the animatronic bartender, who will eventually come online and point you toward the cigarette machine in the corner.

On your way to it, there’s another secret sitting on the cabinet opposite the machine.

When you attempt to get the last pack of cigarettes, you’ll need exact change. Check out the cash register behind the bar and use Charlie’s business card to wiggle it open to grab the change.

Return to the machine and buy the cigarettes, which get stuck on their way out (you can choose whether or not Charlie should angrily strike the machine here). Walk away from the machine, and it will suddenly begin to work again. The bartender watches Charlie as the machine jams again.

After some spooky cinematics, Erin calls to Charlie and urges him to come with her to dinner, ending the scene when they leave the bar together.

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